Adobe CS vs CS2

Okay, so Adobe CS2 is now out. I’ve whined and complained about getting it updated at our company. But once we’ve bought it and played around with it… I don’t really see any real difference.

OBVIOUSLY, I’m being impatient and overeacting. But I’m starting to feel there’s no big deal.

I’m ASKING FOR TIPS so no snide remarks.

Can someone out there comment on what’re the new features because clearly, I’m missing something here.

of course there aren’t any earth shattering improvements.

these are damn companies… companies that have to push out products to survive. they have to literally go out of their way to LOOK FOR “improvements” most often in areas where there is no need for any.

Then when they have enough piled up, they write in codes so that the new versions are incompatible with exisiting version files. if they didn’t, and people were satisfied with current versions, who would buy it?

but more power to them, its how the world works. on the other hand, there are thousands of people pirating software and screwing them, me being one of them. either way, everything works out in the end as you lie in your death bed. nothing will matter.

i think the poster of this thread was merely asking about the value of the new upgrade, not a nihlist rendition of the industry…

I have come to appreciate CS 11, although, I do wonder about file sizes generated by more intense effects.

Does anyone have a handle on where to get good filters for free or cheap?