Adobe CC file access in China?

Can anyone reliably comment first-hand on whether Adobe Creative Cloud shared assets were accessible within Mainland China?

From the Adobe forums (2014):
“All hosted service components of Creative Cloud (such as file storage, Behance) currently reside on servers outside China. As a result, Adobe cannot guarantee that Creative Cloud’s hosted services are reliably accessible from within China. It also cannot guarantee they’re accessible in nation that regulates or blocks access to websites and services outside its borders.”

Maybe something has changed? Well I know a lot has changed since then, but I want to know will I be able to get at my file assets, or do I have to plop everything on a hard drive…

If I was in your spot I wouldn’t rely on any “confirmation” unless someone was dealing with the exactly same factory. I’ve been able to access stuff like wetransfer at one place and not the other, so any confirmation of “wetransfer 100% works in China” would’ve been false. I guess same applies to ACC.

Get a WeChat account and ask your contact if they’re on it (they will be) - then you can send files directly. Ask to open files on receival and confirm transfer was completed.

If you’re going over there I would bring all files on a hard drive.

We’ve had success using WeTransfer, at least with the factory. I was hoping/looking for a more real-time flexible method of file sharing that ACC would seem to promise. Good points about locale though. Appreciated.

Just following up on this, for Forum posterity…
No, ACC shared storage didn’t work in China.

Thanks! Good to know! Anyone ever tried Google Drive over there?

Highly doubtful of that as well. I couldn’t get Google anything to work.

No google anything in china without a vpn. Dropbox maybe?