Adobe CC 2020 releases

So I noticed with Adobe CC that I have both the 2019 and 2020 editions of Photoshop and illustrator installed. I have my apps set to autoupdate, but odd that it lists them as separate application in the Adobe update manager. Anyone else notice this?

I just noticed I have the same. Strange…


They do this when there’s a major release. It doesn’t overwrite the old version anymore.

After years of holding onto my CS6 complete package, I finally ‘upgraded’ to CC and have 2020 version of PS and AI running. They. Are. Terrible!! Pretty certain Adobe hobbled my CS6 software with updates that made it impossible to use and now I’m stuck with these new versions that are extremely laggy. I’m running an i-9 processor with a TON of RAM, great video card, etc. It’s not the computer at all, I can guarantee that.

What are decent alternatives for ID work? I just need a Photoshop-esque program that can do paths and simple level controls, etc. Not all the fancy stuff they keep bloating the software with. I only use Illustrator for putting together multi-page presentations and adding call-outs. I basically use about 2% of what these programs can do. Just refuse to have such memory hogs that force my computer to run hard. Does Adobe even listen to their customers anymore?

Yes, I’ve had this happen with the last few years of updates, but hadn’t noticed it. I was cleaning out my computer when I noticed I had almost 4 iterations of Illustrator! Good to check every once and a while with entire adobe suite and clean it out because it can cause quite a bit of slowdown.

I’ve been extremely unhappy with the Adobe CC over the past couple of years, but unfortunately I am still yet to find anything that measures up as an alternative.

During the Creative Suite days, it really seemed like they were taking their time to only make significant updates when they were actually necessary. Now, like many subscription-based software systems (ahem…looking at you Solidworks), it seems like they believe they have to keep pushing out updates as quickly as possible without thorough debugging or any thought given to, “Just because we can doesn’t mean we should.” There is little to no indication of whether an update is a small bug fix or a complete overhaul, and, like esolida said, every update seems to run slower and slower. I now have to consciously quit programs to make sure I don’t have more than two running at once, and even then I feel like I’m taking my chances.


I moved to CC last year and so far kinda smooth, though I’ve been putting off upgrading my Mac OS for fear my CS6 will break. I’ve been hitting “remind me Later” for 2 years now I think.

I do see there are upgrades downloading almost every day. Can’t believe there’s that much to fix. I also don’t like the cloud file storage and management options. Or maybe I don’t really understand how it all works.

In addition to multiple versions on the same machine, I see there’s also multiple apps in some cases. Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic? What?

I really hate the SAS subscription model that makes me pay forever but I think there’s no turning back now…


Sorry in advance for the rant. I purchased CS6 not long before the release of subscription-model CC. Think I paid around $1600 so the thought of having to pay a monthly fee didn’t sound too great. Held on to that for as long as I could.

What I fail to understand with the continual stream of updates is why they don’t spend the time to properly test and validate before releasing? Seems all the tech companies do this. The whole concept of testing product before public release appears lost in that industry. If there is a problem (and boy, there are!), they’ll just push an update but that might break something else. We’ve become their beta testers. This is completely different than the world of ID where you had better test the crap out of your physical designs because you can’t send out fixes easily if at all.

Guess there isn’t much point in complaining though. That boat has sailed.

We pay that PER MONTH now in my office…

And Adobe thanks you very much for that!! Dang, how many seats of CC do you have??!!

I think about 10 full seats, plus we have a few Project Managers who have Acrobat DC only… it’s nuts. But, it’s critical software for the business. That’s less than our phone bill…

$1600/mo. x 12 is about the same as $1600/year x10. I don’t think it really makes a difference, except that it’s nice that I could buy CC for a couple months to use at home if I needed to.

A couple years ago, i bought Affinity Photo and Designer. Affinity – Professional Creative Software It’s $70 CAD, one time. There are a couple of little UI differences, but I adjusted pretty quick. I think the biggest loss is no live tracing in Designer versus Illustrator. I can’t think of anything that Photo doesn’t do that Photoshop does, but I use Adobe/Affinity only 5% of my time, so I’m not a power user.

esolida: if you are still reading this, I recommend Affinity for you. You can do levels, paths and masks in Photo no problem.

re: bugs…having worked in an Agile environment a little bit, it does seem to minimize QA versus pushing features out regularly.

You must have considerably more than 10 seats of CC – it’s costly but not that high. See below for the current pricing I found at Adobe.

Just looked at our account. 15 full seats of CC plus 10 single app seats. Ouch.

I get very frustrated with Adobes rolling contracts, where if you forget to cancel it rolls you into a new 12 month contract. I also had to actually call/messenger them to cancel the subscription just so it was difficult to do so.

I also bought Affinity’s suite to do personal work, though I find it more difficult for contract tasks due to time and workflow, likely because I’m so used to the CC interfaces. It’s definitely worth exploring for such a low one of price, the PS and AI equivalents were less than 2 months of CC.

That’s it. I’m done with Adobe CC. I’ll keep my CS6 installed in case I need something specific (like HotDoor’s CADtools), but beyond that, I’m buying Affinity Designer and Photo. After the constant lagging and seeing the MASSIVE amount of resources that either PS or AI utilize, I’m done. That’s terrible software development.

Peace out! ha ha

Little update. So I started my monthly plan for PS and AI directly through Adobe for $30/mo. Didn’t even use it for a full month. Apparently there is a small item I never noticed but they are charging me $70 to terminate my service! Can you believe the audacity??? Their product is borderline useless now with all the bugs and laggy performance, and they have the nerve to CHARGE me more to quit? Wow, Adobe will never see another dime from me.

Definitely taking this up with my credit-card. That’s some serious BS right there.

Adobe sucks in so many ways it’s hard to talk about. is it the frustrating UI designed in literally the last century, or the monopoly that enabled the bean counters to take over product development (and why they missed the UX boat) or the subscription model that chains us to constant updates?

$70 cancellation fee!!! I thought the whole point of charging monthly was that you could come and go as needed…glad I don’t pay this bill!