Admitted to UC, need advice on making the decision.

Hi all,

I wrote a post a month ago and I was choosing between RISD and CCS. I got an acceptance offer as a transfer to UC DAAP. I went to RISD for a year and didn’t get into my major. I understand the difference between RISD and UC in terms of program, but here comes my major concern.

If I return to RISD to finish my undergrad degree, I graduate in 3 years. If I transfer to UC DAAP, even with credits transferred from RISD, I graduate in 5 years. My concern is, is 5 years of UC DAAP better than 3 years of RISD + 2 years as a professional or 2 years of grad school?

Your opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

You were accepted as a transfer! Good for you, what kind of grades did you have in HS and your year at RISD? Did you do anything other than apply for admissions? Like send a portfolio or interview with them?

I’m transferring also and I’m just dying to hear from UC. Did you get a letter? E-Mail? It’s killing me!

This totally my thoughts and what I would do. I would go to UC. I’ve read that RISD foundation is amazing. So after that going to UC would be a good move with all their Co-ops. Just my thought’s though. You have experience at RISD, you can tell if your future years is something you look forward to.

Is it hard to get into UC as a transfer? I think my grades for the foundation year was around 3.7 out of 4.0. I didn’t have to do anything other than send them my transcripts from my highschool and risd, and my SAT scores from 4 years ago (based on 1600). I hope you hear from them soon SAMink. Best of luck!

For all the positive comments about UC in Core77 forums, I’m surprised how its so relativeless unknown. The school wasn’t even mentioned once during my time at RISD or as a senior in highschool. Had I not come to this site, I would still not know about the school.

Anyways, I still haven’t made the decision. Is the co-op program worth delaying my career by two years? Wouldn’t I gain just as much experience and also make more money by getting a job after three more years at risd? I’m so confused.

I can tell you that when my daughter interviewed at Carnegie Mellon, the professor who interviewed her asked her where she was applying. When she noted UC, he said, “that was a very good school too.”

It is VERY well known in the design world. UC isn’t a stand alone art school and doesn’t require a portfolio;thus, folks at RISD seem to “thumb their noses” at it and don’t consider it direct competition. …But then again,… Sears didn’t consider Walmart competition until it was way too late for Sears!

UC has a real advantage over RISD because UC has a nice balance between the theoretical aspects of design and practicality. This is doubly reinforced with coops. I can’t speak for RISD,but I don’t think RISD is as practical oriented as UC.

I am wondering why you didn’t get into your major if you had a 3.7 in your foundation year?

When I called about transfers, they said they only accept a select few, less than 10 a year. I could’ve gotten that mixed up with RISD, or mid year transfer. I’m pretty sure it was UC since they talked about intra-transfer (within UC to DAAP), which also gets priority.

I wouldn’t call it delaying since the Co-ops is real experience. It’s like a Jump-start rather than a delay. But if you’re a real self motivator, and grab yourself some internships while at RISD, that would be great too. I don’t think you can go wrong with either.

I didn’t get to start my major because I took a leave of absence from RISD after freshmen year. I had to go serve my country’s military. I’m still in the Korean army, getting released coming August. I now have to make the decision of going back to RISD or transferring out.

So far I’m leaning towards UC. I wonder what I have to do to skip their foundation and jump right into sophomore year. I can’t attend their summer foundation since I would still be in the army.

I would have gone back to RISD if only they hadn’t jacked up the tuition to $33,000. It’s a shame because John Maeda is coming to RISD as the new president.


Oddly enough, I found out that I got accepted because the office for international students sent me instructions for obtaining my VISA to the USA. I have yet to receive any package/e-mail/letter or anything. I guess they’ll contact me once they finish reviewing my college credits.

I see… you’re an international student. They probably have different standards of with transfers, I’m not sure. I hope they contact me soon so I can make a decision.