admission for spring

i am looking for some schools with repute , for applying to a master’s program in design.i want to pursue communication design. however some of the schools that i have heard have a good reputation and an affordable tuition ( eg. UC , ITP , CMU ) , seem to only offer admission in fall. i am specifically looking at more theory and research based program from an institute that provides employment to its students. i am from India , so being an international student the cost plays a big factor , also people here have told me that it makes sense to apply only in fall.
however i dont want to wait another year before my admission comes through. does anyone out there have any suggestions.
i have two years of work experience and a 4 year undergrad diploma in design , i just think i’ll waste too much time , by the next fall ! can any1 guide ?

i was in the same position- Pratt had me on a waiting list for a year. I had a deposit in and everything. But then Savannah College of Art and Design accepted me on rolling admission and wanted me to start in two months. I went there thinking i would transfer to Pratt when my cue came up, but i ended up enjoying SCAD, the excellent staff and the facilites, so much that i stayed in the end.

The Grad program there is heavily steeped in research, theory, and business practice. The opportunites for internships and corporate sponsored projects are numerous. My experience there was incredibly valuable in helping me attain my current job.

Another good side to SCAD, is that despite it’s geographic remoteness, the student body is very diverse and composed of many international students. I learned more about Korean, Columbian, Indonesian, and Chinese cultures than i had ever expected.

good luck in your search and your educational endeavors

I’m not sure on the specifics, but typically international tuition rates for public universities is 3X in-state tuition. just pick the best program you can get into.
SCAD will be the same cost to you as just about any other private school but withuot NASAD accreditadion, so if you wanted to teach in the States afterward that might limit your opportunities.