Admins: comment on where is Compensation Survey?

When I try to find it it requires a password outside the usual C77 window.

Would be VERY useful for me right now, even specific glimpses.

Thx much! :wink:

Hey, it does seem down. Anyone have any clues why?

Here is the link I was trying:

any answers yet on this?
would love to check out the latest info - i get a password prompt??

Hi - Thanks for bearing with us. Our all new and improved Design Salary Guide will be online starting on Monday Nov. 12, 2012.

The link will be But check here and on as we’ll be announcing it amidst great fanfare!

Thanks Admin! Calendar marked!

Glad to see the survey is back up, I was a little disappointed that there is no way to sort the data based on years of experience like the past surveys. Is this a feature that will be brought back with the more granular data updates?

Choto - we’re now calling out 25th percentile, median and 75th percentile earnings for each job title. For most jobs we’ll show more granular detail as well. We’re not using “years of experience” any more, instead collecting “Job Level” information. So you’ll have to see where you fall on the spectrum for your particular job title, and then draw your own conclusions. As a rule of thumb, people with more experience earn more. To a certain extent this holds true, at which point the years of experience starts to not matter as much.