i love this shoe man i almost wish i had spent the money i dropped on the psp (which is DOPE!) and bought these instead, it is a slick looking shoe and the 1st of its kind i really hope adidas continues to develop this tech (i saw the T-Mac 5s and it looks like their abadoning the HUG system they used last year) so that the price comes down and it can spread to other althletic footwear.what do you guys think about this shoe? if you have not seen it click the link.

I love this shoe. It’s beautiful and i love the tech. What sux for me is that i kinda had a chance to be part of it but i blew it. But it’s nice to see it come out. But the real question is this over the psp…REALLY???

nah i got the psp, the thing is so SWEET not only does paly games but it holds images and mpeg-4 video, i am going to put some sample images from my portfolio on it and take it to the midwest conference, since it is easier than carting my laptop around.

what happenend with you & adidas porcupine?

is that technology really necessary. :unamused:

seems like overkill to me! Cool, just overkill. how much are they? I didn’t see it on the site, and i was getting dizzy

that was me, I’m the dizzy one

msrp is a steep $250 for a shoe whose life expectancy is somewhere between 300-800 hrs (ifor athletic use) not much longer than other performance shoes that cost much less. but i would still love to have a pair!

$250, that’s just crazy :astonished:
too much technology, Jesus didn’t need magnetic sensors in his shoes :laughing:

I like the aesthetic of the design personally. I’m not sold on the functionality. For 250 all it does it make your heal cusioning softer or harder right? Why not just by two pairs of shoes and then go to the movies with the cash left over? Also, not too sure how cool those little buttons in the arch of the midsole are going to look all gunked up with mud.

It’s a cool halo product though, it is generating a lot of buzz and put Adidas back on the map as far as innovation…now if they could come up with something people need… :wink:

a little info for you guys.
The idea for that shoe came out a long time ago. Sometime before 2000. A kid from MIT came up with it. His name is Ronald Demon. It had been sitting on the back burner for some time until he could get funding to launch it. It was featured in Popular Science in 2000. The company was called Vectra Sense. It never went anywhere for awhile but you can see a new mockup prototype of it on their site

So props to Adidas for elaborating on it and marketing the hell out of it. At least now people will see what is possible with a shoe.