Adidas Next Step

Guys, for the purpose of making more dynamic the shoe community, I invite you to participate in a collective design proposals for adidas basketball.

The goals are:

1.-Get feedback.
2. - To shine stronger muscles, and strengthen the weaker muscles.
3. - Calling attention to the Adidas brand, giving a look at this forum, submit for consideration this excercise of creativity in the adidas site.
4. - May open a door for those who have opportunities for an internship within the company.

Deadline Dec. 20. 2012

I think the inspiration for Adidas basketball shoes, come from retro shoes, and a futuristic mixture, consisting of the intersection of objects in the basic shoe.

I think Adidas will continue with that style. The designers have explored the limit of paraphernalia, maybe could use an organic alternative, keeping the intersection of objects, a course toward minimalism.

I will inspired by: HR GIGER, BEN 10, TRON

First sketches.


First visual reference of the product

Hey Victor,
Glad to see a new footwear project thread started. I think I might jump back to sketching before getting too lost in rendering if I was you. I think you still have a lot to explore, and refine your project statement more clearly.

You mentioned pushing the aesthetic towards minimalism but the concept looks rather busy and fussy with the circuit board graphic. Is there a purpose for it or it is just aesthetic? I don’t think there’s anything wrong with using it as a graphic but maybe more subtle and less heavy handed.

What is the thought behind the dramatic arch in the sole? From a performance standpoint you might be causing a lot of issues.

Looking forward to seeing more

Hello Choto, I like to know the final shape of the product to see and recognize the things that can be improved or removed or added. I am exploring an alternative aesthetic to adizero basketball line. Adizero maintains paraphernalia, fascinating and very nice, very charged about objects inserted and added to the basic shape of the shoe. I want to keep these objects, and platforms, but looking for a minimalist, organic lines on objects. It is not necessary for now look for a minimalist shoe decorative patterns, but in the objects. The arch is exaggerated, but the intent is aesthetic. We can reduce the arc, but I represent as a highlighted feature of the product, highlighting the platforms of the sole. I have seen very large arched soles, I dont know the disadvantages. I have to find that out. I do what I can, with my limited knowledge. I can do more sketches, but I dont have too much time. I want to finish at least 4 proposals before the deadline.

Thanks por the feedback

Exploring into the same design.

Without the arc.

This first exercise of creativity has been against time. Trying to concentrate on a basic idea in mind, and translate that inspiration to paper immediately. True to the first resources at hand. Recall the good in every sketch, and keep it until the end of the proposal. The main lines of the sketch chosen, have left me satisfied, because they represent the essence of the product. Fluency and organic design in the sole, keeping the platforms, subtly, to make a difference with the current line adizero. Minimalism is still not very attractive to the consumer of basketball shoes, but it’s a good try, try to follow this path, slowly, to the simple. Just need to make a nice design of the sole, accommodate the plate circuit symbols, which are those that give traction. Against time, and make quick decisions to shape an idea.

Tomorrow, my autoconclusión of this exercise of creativity, things that I liked and I did not like.


Victor: I think that you are getting a little ahead of yourself with this design. I am not really seeing Tron or Geiger in this concept (im unfamiliar with Ben10). I see circuitry but Tron is much more stylized. Is this an aesthetic exercise? What performance features are you incorporating into your design?

Take a closer look at your proportions, they are throwing off the design of your shoe. As others are recommending you should spend more time in the sketch/ideation phase.

You mention that one of the possible goals with this project is to catch the attention of adidas for an internship. The industry is much more impressed by nice sketch pages showing well thought ideas, than a rendering of a shoe.
You show a lot of enthusiasm which is good, but slow down and enjoy coming up with ideas and sketching.

Personally I have no intention of seeking an internship. But it is possible that some of the students who visit the forum, have a chance. That’s the goal, to propose. They insist much on the sketches. If you have a clear idea of ​​what you want to do, you do not wander too. This is an exercise, a few things go right and others wrong. After having a proposal, you can make changes, take the good of every job. This is the goal.

Thanks for watching

Conclusion and self-criticism.

Proportion is wrong?

Next exercise:

After a difficult exploration in organic design, I realized that it is very difficult to try a radical change in the adizero line. I’ll let the organic design by the end of these exercises. Now I will explore different platforms in the sole, slightly change these geometric solids, seek inspiration in tech, machinery, futurism, constructivism.

Some time ago I thought of adapting the beautiful structure of a leaf spring cars. It is a very classic piece, but I could not adapt successfully to a shoe. I’ll try.

More Adidas

This is an old sketch, a very basic design, trying to adapt a pattern to the shoe. Was not satisfied, but focusing adizero style and designing platforms, shoe inclination, achieved something interesting.

I was thinking of a product to offer advantages of stability, traction, to link it to “Magnetism”. Recalling an exercise in school, bring a magnet to iron filings, and remembering those that formed concentric figures. Trying to make a perforation pattern to follow that concept. To make the concept more focused on magnetism, I adapted a strap secured by two magnets.

A friend told me that the design of Adidas Magnet does not appear in the post. The design is positioned to the extreme right side of the monitor. You have to move the bar that is in the bottom of the page. Is part of marketing and that sort of thing.

some cool stuff here, but some issues with each of them. i feel like you get about 70% through a project then move onto the next one, at least thats how it seems from seeing your work on here.

for the first design you posted:
raised arch area is cool as it is similar to what they are doing on the new jordan shoe, but as mentioned your proportions are off. with the raised arch your forefoot pad is to far forward and your balance/traction would be thrown off. Also you show the picture of the foot x-ray but in your photo you can tell that there is not enough room at the big toe, as it is now your tow would be constantly rubbing at the top of the shoe, i would say to add about 2-4mm to give the toe room to move a bit. also your foot is sitting REALLY HIGH in this shoe, you have about 25mm of EVA at least under the the heel, i would think that goes against your design of the rounded off heel, which i think could be interesting. and according to your foot x-ray as your template you have the big toe VERY close to the end of the shoe, if this is the case you would not be able to have a traditional toe shape in the top view, it would have to be more of a oblique barefoot type shape. you should try to use a shoe last as your template and not a foot bone structure there are many reasons for this that i dont care to get into right now, or at least if you wanted to use a foot bone structure i would expect you to construct your shoe in a way that reflects that, not the same old way.

magnet design:
you need to post a photo that we can see the shoe, so that is design failure #1 here, nobody cares about the marketing until we think its a cool shoe, at least for this forum i would bet. show us the shoe first then maybe show the marketing image but scale it down so it fits with the website please. other than that this magnet shoe looks pretty good, i think its pretty well balanced and proportioned and the graphic you have on it is interesting.

graffiti shoe:
look sinteresting enough, but again whats the point? i think this could be a cool streetwear shoe, probably not a true performance shoe though.

good work though, but i think most of the experienced shoe designers here are looking for you to put together a full story around a shoe, more than just a couple sketches that aren’t really at the level they need to be before you move to the rendering. What i mean by that is that i dont think any of the sketches/designs you have shown for the first project really grab me as being a nice design, or even sketched well, so i echo that you need to spend more time in that phase, its clear once you have a good design you can render it well, but its the good design part that you need more focus on. Then you end up throwing in a couple arbitrary inspiration images. So there is nothing to really ‘buy into’ other than do i like this design at its face value… that is a risky proposition for a designer, it can work sometimes, but not what i would recommend a young designer or student try to do.