Adidas Gil Zero 3 concept


I just wanted to see what everyone though about the layout. is there too much stuff going on? I tend to cram lots of things/ info on one page…I think I may have done it again.

Anyhow, if you have a moment, let me know what you think.


i think the layout is fine in this arena (intro pic/sample image/web), you may want to switch it up for the actual portfolio where it will get more shine sans graphics…

the shoe is well done, its a low & you got the hibachi reference in there, +10 on that one! it is looking perhaps too much like a running shoe, for agent zero that is probably good thing, given his affinity for lows. might it appear different on a more “basketball looking” outsole?

I think the layout is good, but perhaps could be refined a bit.

Great rendering style and upper design and detailing. You are really showing some of the younger guys how to construct an upper with your detailing Wayne! Nice.

I feel like the tooling is making it look a little budget x-trainer. I think a more hoops tooling would push it further. Also, watch out for all those balanced forms in the tooling. All of the rubber lugs and the shank form are totally balanced arcs, give them speed, direction, and emotion by pushing them in a direction and varying their size.

Ade: Yeah. I agree. it may look a bit too much like a running shoe. my intent was to have it look less like a b-ball shoe but i think i went too far.

MD: Hmmm. You don’t think the rendering is too “contrasty”? White shoes give me fits.

The tooling does need work. Didn’t see it initially.

Thanks guys.

better to be over contrasty than flat in my opinion. I would move the shading up a bit so it has a bit of a horizon line, a little reflected light in the roll of the upper

got it! thanks bruv.