Adidas Design Academy

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anyone from Adidas on the boards or other fellow graduates participating to the Adidas Design Academy contest could help me figure a couple things out for the application.

I’ve been reading the tasks on the website and can’t figure out how many designs they expect. The reason why I’m thinking they want more then one design is that in the apply section they mention these 3 elements:

Make sure that each design has a title

Make sure that each design is accompanied by a text of max 230 alphanumeric characters

Each design is sent in jpeg format and is not bigger than 150 KB. You can also send all three designs together in one file which is not bigger than 900 KB in total

So what I understand from this is that they are expecting three designs per graduate, but this is the only place it is mentionned and it isn’t indicated if they want 3 different concepts or 3 variations of a same concept, more like a product collection of three.

The only thing mentionned on the website for the task is:

Please create a design concept and products for a footwear OR apparel 09 collection for one of the following key sports:Running, Football, Basketball, Training, Outdoor, Olympics.

So I’m a bit confused about all of this but I’m sure to participate, this is a great opportunity.

Thanks for helping out guys.



I was looking at it myself the other day, it’s really confusing, however it occurred to me that perhaps they are being purposely vague.

I don’t know anything about the contest (this is the first I’ve heard of it), but from just reading what you quoted, it seems pretty straight forward.

they are looking for a collection, i’d say, around one product category. normally this would be something like different kinds of shoes all similar at a different price point, for different specific functions (ie. different BBALL positions, training sports, etc.).

given that it’s supposed to be a collection, I would assume they would share design cues, but perhaps different technologies, last shapes, materials, etc.

just my 0.02$ worth to help out. don’t quote me on anything if you lose. (but if you win, feel free to give me credit :wink: )


Thanks R. That’s also what I had figured out on my side.

Ok, check out the site.

More strange than the rather vague submission requirement, I find is that they don’t even really mention what/who the whole thing is FOR?

Is it a design competition? If so, who is judging, what are the prizes, etc.

is it a entry thing for a job/internship. Are they looking for students/recent grads for an internship? paid position? not really so clear…

Is it looking for the dreaded “spec work”…

anyone else have any insight. just curious…


What is the difference between Hero Genius & Adidas Genius.

Also the cost of each. :unamused: :bulb:

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