Adi Dassler slaps brother Rudi from the grave

Adidas buys outstanding shares of Reebok

"Both boards agreed to the takeover, which will create a company with combined annual sales of some $11.1 billion. Nike’s sales in its 2004/05 business year to May were $13.7 billion.

“Adidas, best known for its trademark three-striped running shoes, has been trying to imitate the success of German rival Puma, whose trendy sportswear has spread far beyond the gym or running track.”

Will this be the Daimler Chrysler of footwear? Adidas Reebok just doesn’t have the alliterative nmemonic of Daimler Chrysler.

Who cares about the name?
You must be from Europe-- this sounds like a good deal to me, from an American perspective, especially since it looks like they are keeping the brands the way they are, doing the added synergies thing and anyone who owns any Reebok stock (not me, how unlucky!) is going to cash out big time! lucky ducks $$$$ We’ll see what the details of this arrangment hold in the next months…

  • a way better setup than the Daimler Chrysler one.