Adhesive tape recommendations?

You have probably seen those “As seen on TV” ads where a product (example: LED light) has the backing on an adhesive tape peeled away, and then the product is stuck to dry wall or wood. What is the adhesive tape typically used for those type of products?

Does anyone have recommendation for an adhesive tape that can bond sheet metal or plastic to wood or dry wall? It would be helpful to locate a product with a good bond, yet can be later removed (if necessary) without damaging the wood or dry wall.

I would appreciate any suggestions.



Hard to go wrong with VHB…

Isn’t VHB permanent? I think it will destroy drywall if you remove it.

Try 3M’s Command adhesives if you want something removable.

Usually removeable with alcohol

without damaging the wood or dry wall

I misread that. Command is the way to go. But for permanence you can’t go wrong with VHB (and a properly prepared surface of course)

Duco makes tapes for diff. purposes. They make a Removable foam tape.
Sticks well to most surfaces and can be removed without chemicals or bullets.

Thanks to all those who contributed. I purchased a HandySwitch to see what type of removable adhesive was used in the product, and it had a 3M Scotch green liner.

I believe the HandySwitch product used was a Scotch® Heavy Duty Mounting Tape 114, 1 in x 50 in Roll or Scotch® Mounting Tape 110, 1/2 in x 75 in. Claims to hold up to 2 lbs of weight (1 strip per 1/2 lb), and the 3M Command Strips (medium) claim to hold up to 1 lb. This information can be found under 3M™ and Scotch® Mounting Products.

Not sure why the product used the Scotch Heavy Duty Mounting Tape over the 3M Command Strip, as both seem similar. It is suggested to prepare the surface by cleaning with isopropyl rubbing alcohol and let dry before applying tape to surface.

3M Product and Application Support suggestions:

We offer a #4658F that is a removable foam tape that may work. We do suggest bonding to a sealed wood and not bare wood. Another option that is more permanent is #4016 used for indoor mounting applications.

You can view information on our website at

3M low balls the recommended weight for their command strips. I did a project with a cabinet to hang from a door in the hospital. It held rubber gloves, dressings, etc and weighed 12 lbs fully loaded. I believe we use 6 command strips and never had a problem with 20K+ units.