adding the marker

i am having problems with markers.
my underlays don’t seem to have much problems, but when i try to add the markers on marker paper using the underlay, somehow i get confused and don’t know where to shade.
i always feel like doing the outline first and then filling in with the marker, but of course that doesn’t work because the marker just spreads the ink of the outline.
is anyone else experienced the same problem, and do you have any suggestions on what i can do?

I’m giving my thousandth post to you so you should pay attention!

  1. Make copies of your line work so you can try again after failures.

  2. Start with grey scale markers and shade it in like how you will shade with pencil.

  3. When you are comfortable enough with grey scale shading, meaning you have a good grasp of your forms, then move on to colors.

  4. An easy start on colors is, shade it with grey scales first, then apply a tint of the color you want onto it.

  5. You will get a hang of judging which color marker to use when you practice enough.

    I was afraid to jump onto colors at first because the color markers always seem too loud. So make gradual progressions from grey scale to color.

Oh, many of those old school instructors actually sketch with a light grey marker first using the thinner nib.

You can use verithins and do light outlines first. They don’t smudge as much.

If you really want to use pens, use waterbased ones, so they won’t get dissolved by your alcohol based markers.

Don’t do your outline with a black marker of the same type you’re coloring with, beginners mistake. Do what cow said and photocopy your linework and marker on copies.
The old school way of just doing grey scale shading to give form, then pastel for color is very good, but don’t use pastel now, photoshop is here if you’re good with a tablet. Biggest thing is that it’s editable.
But you can still do them, just start thinking in low 8-bit color res. Only 3 values of shade between white and pure black. Don’t try to make your marker look like watercolor using every percent of grey in your marker pack.
Another option: Marker your greys, scan and print (photocopy won’t work well), then marker solid colors over top. Should work decently. Just remember that you can make one marker color darker 2 or 3 times by waiting for it to dry then going over the same spot.
Good luck. Post some stuff for a real crit so we can see what you’re doing that may be right or wrong.