Adding Texture to shoe designs.


Need some help…I want to add some cloth texture to some of my shoe designs that I have outlined and made into paths in Illistrator.

Can anyone help list in order how to do this? Then be able to make it as close to photorealism as can be (aka Layering, channel work, or anything else).

Thanks everyone!!

its quicker and easier to add the textures and make them photorealistic in Photoshop. If you need them in illustrator, then drag and drop the rendered material into illustrator using a clipping mask.

In illustrator, you can make them into swatches or symbols, but most post script printers have a really hard time printing them and the file sizes are unweildy… to make them into swatches,you have to define a pattern first, but you can’t change colors on the fly.

You can also use layers with transprencies but you increase the file sizes and will have some printing issues.


The easy part to do in IL is to make black + white patterns of stipples, mesh, crosshatch, things like that. Then just export that pattern to photoshop to then colorize and add other effects.


If I was to put the illistrator line work into photoshop, how do you apply the texture and scale it to fit into the shape?

I tried to take a cork texture and fill it into the shape but it won’t go.

Can someone list the steps to get the texture into the shape and whats the best way to do this.

thanks I’m a newbe to the photoshop thing.


A simple way would be to have the illus texture file opened (in photoshop). Open your other work file and make a selection area. Then use the stamp tool to copy from the illust pattern into the selected area in your other document. Once it’s there dowhatchalike. Put everything on different layers so it’s easy to modify things, etc. Good luck.

In Photoshop you are not going to create a fill of the “cork”, you are going to paste the texture into a selected area:

  1. open a separate file of the texture in Photoshop, and a separate file of the shoe

2.command-A to select all of the texture file

  1. in the image file, select the area with the magic wand tool you want to fill with the texture

  2. in the edit window select “paste into”–this pastes the texture into the selected area–its actualy a mask that can be selected at your leisure in the channels pallette–and creates a new layer for the texture

  3. to resize it/scale it rotate it: select the full color thumbnail of the texture on the layer in the layers palette(don’t select the black and white mask thumbnail or you will modify the mask and not the image)–or you can go into the channels pallete and select that channel.
    –Command-T to free transform the selected area only modifies the pasted texture and not its selected area. a bounding box will appear, it works the same as a bounding box in Illustrator. (put the arrow at the corners and it scales, put the arrow near the corners and you can rotate etc–shift keys and option keys work also)
    –pull down edit pallette to use scale, skew, rotate,perspective etc to desired size.

you now have an editable texture on its own layer and selectable that you can modify to your desired effect.

I hope this helps, its easier to show than to explain,…

to add to the confusion I do it a tatally different way.

1 scan a swatch of whatever material.

2 save it as a .psd

3 open your line work in illustrator and shade the crap out of it

4 select the are you want textured and copy/paste it onto a new layer

5 goto filter>texture>texturizer

6 click Load Texture and select your file

7 screw around with the options till its cooked

This works great for leather, for rubber I usually just add a bit of noise. Check out these bad boyz (not mine, from a competition at…oh and don’t over texture, it looks flat.

course there’s nothion wrong with going old school

oh yeah and whatever you do, don’t pop highlights with sno-ball sized hi lites, sparkle stars or lens flares,…

it looks really disco and gay…

Hey everyone!

I tried all the different ways to do a shoe and I have the finished product.

can anyone tell me how to add a picture to this post to show?


You’ve got to uplaod the pic somwhere else, say a coroflot potfolio.

Once you’ve done that, open the image in its own window (right click or ctrl click for pop up menu>open image in new window)

Paste that url into yor post

bracket the url with this

and bam, it’s in there.

…so intuitive isn’t it?

Hey ive been really excited since i joined the site a few days ago, and i just got put onto the footwear design area. I draw and design sneaks myself, and I have a pair up on my -UNFINISHED- online portfolio. I wanted just to get an opinion from someone on the kcik i have up there… It was done last year during the Olympics for the Nike Team Athletes on the USA Team.

It was calle the NIKE Zoom Air Olympian… check it out if ya dont mind… I know its not too clear or not close enuff but just let me know wha tya think… I plan on posting some more up soon… thanks…

Artistikly Done…

you got a link to it, or what bro? Would love to check it out