Addicted to CAD?

Just realized something today…I’m addicted to CAD, or at least, I’m addicted to a certain project. You see, I’m developing a portfolio piece and have been slaving over it for weeks and it will probably take 3-4 additional weeks to complete. And that’s if I continue at the pace I’m going!!! I find myself getting out of bed and finding my way to the computer only to pull myself away at night. Eating is now an annoyance. I think people are starting to get upset with me too.

It’s like I"m addicted to playing an online video game or something.

you are showing some good devotion there.
make sure though that you get inspiration from outside your project. It has happened to me that I had to pull myself out of the bubble in order gain some perspective. Being too close is never a good thing.

if it is not client work, maybe you ca show us later?

Sure, I’ll be happy to show it when finished. I’ve been up since 5:30 this morning working on it so far.

The short of it: it’s a high-end road bike that has fully integrated components. So, I’m having to model everything to properly present the concept.

You can make a tutorial version of your bike modelling, which you can sell. It can be helpful to many.

Tried to help out , but ‘cadoholics anonymous’ just leads to Cadillac forums.

Looking forward to see it though!

That happens to me a lot when I’m into some cad, something about it does get so engaging that time flies by without you realizing it. It’s like you can’t get tired, if I sketched for that long my hand would cramp up but you can keep going with the cad stuff, it’s not as physically taxing.

I shouldn’t have watched the Machinist with Christian Bale. In the movie, he hasn’t slept for a year. I’m slowly going down that path. Worked all day yesterday. Went to bed around 10:30 and got up at 4:30!!! Couldn’t sleep. Just had to get up and get back to work.

I’ll probably be out of my mind by this time next week. Fortunately, the project is going great!

Have you had the DREAM yet?

What’s the “DREAM?” I managed to get a lot done today on both of my projects but it’s only 5:18pm. Still another 5 hours of work ahead…and then another early morning. It’s coming together nicely though.

The dream is when you go to bed and still see the 3D model spinning all night long! When you wake up it is as if you never left the computer.

I had one of those back in school. In our Metals 2 class, we had to hand shape a solid block of steel with various sized rounds, chamfers, etc… I spent so long filing the edges to get them perfectly flat that I had a dream and all I was doing in it was filing the edge of a block of steel.

Yep, I’ve had the DREAM!! ha ha. Once I wake up after having seen the model in my mind, I quickly run to the computer to work on it.

In addition to the bike design, I’m doing a racing wheelchair too. So, I’m bouncing back and forth between projects. And updating my resume, Flash website, filling out Cerevellum business forms, etc.

Ah yes, I’ve had the “dream” before. Funny thing about that is that solutions to complex modeling problems have come to me in my sleep. Apparently the subconscious mind is very good at this. I can’t remember where, but I once read an article about how some of the most famous inventions of the century were conceived during sleep.

Very interesting. What is it about CAD do you think that makes it so addictive in this way - the tool and system of HCI? The way that ideas and intentions are represented in a particular kind of way? Having said that, I’ve met designers that spend lots of time engaged in hand sketching - for work and as a kind of habbit.

There was a program on tv the other day about an inventor called Dr Nakamats. Watch it if you can. One of his methods for getting ideas was to brainstorm whilst being underwater for a long period of time - Trying to get as close as he could to death so that the brain is more active.

I wonder if there is anything one can get from a near death experience with respect to creativity? That might be pushing it a little…

On the other hand there have been studies that show persons with attention deficit disorder can preform better using design and engineering tools such as Solidworks and Pro/ENGINEER. After each successful feature creation the shaded screen acts as a visual reward that stimulates a specific part of the brain. After a short time of successful features the brain gets accustom to the reward and wants more.

“My name is Chris and I’m addicted to CAD”

(group) “Hi Chris”

“It started in my 20’s, dabbling a little bit in Strata 3D with my friends, then I met a dealer named Bart and got into the hard stuff, Alias, Maya…Now I mainline Pro/E every day all day. My addiction got so bad I started getting jobs, bought a condo, bought a car, created new products…”

When I was in school I had my first CAD dream where I was modeling an alarm clock (meanwhile alarm clock going off in realtime) and I could not wake up until I finished making a change to the part I was working on, this ironically caused me to be late for my Rhino class.

I have went on to have many more CAD dreams over time, and talked with a lot of people who have also had this experience. One thought is that your brain gets used to certain new visual stimuli and then tries to learn more about this medium. Do hardcore gamers dream the visuals of the games they play?

dealer. The hard stuff. haha.

I did for a while. Zealots and dragoons on de_dust2 was the one I remember the best.