:!: ADAPT Montreal ... want to meet Syd Mead?

Hi ID`s!

Does anyone think about visiting ADAPT Montreal this year?

I was there last year and it was really worth of every cent! Definitely best “how to” event of the year … Iain McCaig, Syd Mead, Scott Robertson … in live workshops.

There were couple designers there last year Ive met there so I hope its going to be the same this year.


no one likes concept art?

First time attending it this year. One thing I was wondering is where is it? At the Hotel?

yes, it is in the Hyatt Regency

see you there!

So how was ADAPT? I tried to get my pass on monday at 6h30 pm. They closed the registration at 5 pm! :unamused: What was that all about :exclamation: It was suppose to close at 7h00pm. In the end, I wasn’t able to go on any days because I was too busy on the film production: The Punisher: War Zone! 400$ down the drain :angry: I was looking forward seeing Syd Mead and Ryan Church :exclamation:

It was great! Although I would enjoy it more if the temperature contrasts were not as big as they were - outside hot and wet, inside fridge :wink: Almost everyone was sneezing the last day.

Anyways, Andrew Jones was a real rockstar. The artistic quality was as expected=great + he converted traditional (kind of introvert) visual art into the real performance art.

Ryan has made great demo in Painter - plane and environment, very usefull demo how to use the glow brush and set up the composition. I was surprised, he is drawing and sketching directly on Wacom (not cintiq)! He has also mentioned that still fills in doodles in the sketchbook, but no scanning … interesting, isn`t it? Same as James Clyne last year.

One more thing: The number of industrial design attendees grows a lot. Ive met some car designers from Europe and California (dont want me to name them :wink:. It is very interesting how many experiences are same in industrial and entertainment design. Good to share!