Ad break: Southern Comfort

Do you guys get it?

I don’t

This character looks like a neighbour of ours who went in and out of hospital for
liver, stomach and heart condition . Watching the ad makes me smell him…

Well, clinging to the “whatever is comfortable” lifestyle for 30+ years works its magic.

I just don’t get it…


I think it is like Psy and Gangnam Style. It’s cool because it’s not trying to be cool.

On the positive front, I think it’s a recognition that marketing is less successful than it used to be. Effective ads can’t just beat the public over the head and scream at them. We have developed BS detectors against that. Now, they have to sit down next to us and pretend they aren’t trying to sell anything. Even then, I bet they are far less effective.

On the negative front, it is sad that sick people (overweight, narcissist, addicts) get positive attention in the media. It’s great that ‘our’ culture is more accepting, but we still need to encourage people that need help to find it. In a way, this ad says it’s OK to be an overweight drunk.

I think that ad is pretty funny. It probably works better as 20-30 sec spot though. Soco is pretty trashy booze and whole ad is about embracing it. The ironically fat guy character is at the 13th or 14th minute though. I think it’s also pretty analogous to the Dos Equis “Most Interesting Man”
ads which I also think are pretty funny.

Well, the Dos Equis guy is pretty likable, like an older self you could aspire to become oneday.

But that SouthernComfort Boozo? Really?

This might get attention, but driving brand value? By admitting you are a little trashy?
I feel old, today.


I’m not a big drinker but I kinda liked the ad for it’s ‘anti-style’ approach. Plus they stopped just short of speedos too so I think we can count ourselves lucky.

I see what they’re trying to do. I don’t relate with it, but I appreciate the take. However, it will likely be a successful campaign with the typical client base.

I can see the concept, but maybe the execution is off. I think they are going for the somewhat ironic “so not cool, it’s cool. F-it” kinda hipster mentality. Same sort of product/consumer as PBR. I think the ad doesn’t have enough self-awareness to really pull it off however.

Target pitch probably equated the fat gross guy in the speedo thinking “f-it”, with the "artist/hipster with no job, skateboarding to “work” saying “f-it” to society.

I don’t think the end result is successful.

I think much better was the Canadian Club ads a few years ago. All based on “Your Dad…”

A better way to take a “not cool” product and make it cool, rather than just giving up and saying “we’re not cool. f-it.”


Gonna go pick up some CC now…

Richard: Not only that, but the demographic data we have of Gen Y is that they are more traditional in lifestyle than Gen X or the baby boomers were. Looking back at those ads, I couldn’t help but thing, “Damn, I’m jealous of my dad” hehe.

mo-i: I think it is also a American culture thing. Americans have always been very proud of being low class (to an extent).

NURB: I prefer Crown Royal. A little smoother.

Great! This is exactly the point I tried to articulate. The example of Canadian Club is spot on.

Thanks again Ray, I really missed that one. It could be the same in the Uk where that Ad also went viral before
comming on national TV. There is still a lot of class tension below the surface in England, but I wasn’t aware that
some of that sentiment might click with americans as well.

Cool guys, now that you helped clearing the fog I think It’s time for a little drink. :wink:


P.S.: I just had two little Pinkus’.

The shoes - the icing on the cake.

The mixed cultural reaction to this ad is pretty interesting !

The same goes for underweight anorexia runway models who influence the next generation of teens. Personally every time I see a commercial that shows a “normal” person, I smile. Its good companies are steering away from what we “should” look like to what we “do” look like as a society.

That said, it is sad that Americans are so overweight… but that’s typically nothing more than a lifestyle choice… to each their own.

I like this commercial. To me it says “It’s cool to be yourself no matter where you are or whos around,… F’ it…Be proud of who you are, and drink Southern Comfort”… so for that, I will have a SoCo Lime with a splash of Pineapple shot this weekend.


That’s extremely well-put. “Clever” ads all have this implicit aura of “Hey we’re not like those other big evil stodgy companies; we’re cool, we get you.”

I beg to differ, Americans have no shame in being low class. An I-don’t-give-a-sh!t attitude.

It isn’t about irony or being cool by not being cool. It is about living in your own skin. Not a good thing nor a bad thing. Just is. Very libertarian-esque.


I have seen the ad. I can’t say that it is nice. Firstly, I don’t understand what the guy is promoting while walking in the beach. It made me a lot of guess and it gets me more confused when I see a dog walked with that guy. I just understand it when the camera is focus the glass with wine that he is holding. In my opinion, it would be nice if they lessen the walk before holding a glass with wine.

Awesome ad. The only negative is the CG flag in the drink at the end, out of place in realism and scale.

Say what you want, I know that come Halloween I will see a lot of guys dressed as this.
I also think that the ad has been fairly successful. This is anecdotal, but a buddy of mine who bar tends, said SOCO sales at his bar went up noticeably around the airing of this ad.

The whole thing is completely counter-culture … it’s about strutting your stuff regardless of what others think of it. I’ve always been somewhat over-weight since I was kid, and I’m self-conscious about it, I’d love to have the a inhibition to walk the beach like that, and I don’t think I’m the only one. The dog knows it’s cool, it’s why he follows the guy down the beach.

I know I drink bourbon on the rocks when I’m at the beach…

BTW… Southern Comfort is NOT bourbon; it’s just artificially flavored to taste like it. As such, it’s technically a liqueur. Southern Comfort Special Reserve does contain some bourbon.