Active wear sandals

these are some sketches that i have been doing in my free time. just thinking about how to give sandals more support and be able to use them in different/ + more activities.


nice working sketches.

ditto man.

I think you could really punch 'em up by spicing a bit of sharpie around them for contrast, and shooting some loose marker color and shading on the innovative area of each to help further communicate your thinking. Finish it off with a couple of hot renderings and you got a portfolio project.

To quote Billy Idol “more, more, more…”

a simple yet profound man.

thanks. not really looking for a portfolio peice but will do so. I will clean a couple up and render them.

I dont think I am going to do much computer work on these, keep them loose with a hand sketch feel. maybe some comp editing-can’t seem to stay off of it since i got one : (

Yo would you re-sketch these-and add the sharpie and color or just add it the sketches. I dunno. I sometimes don’t like going in later to a sketch to do a lil detail. i usually dont have that same mood as before when doing them. I will make photocopies of the sketches and try it on them that way the original stay good.

Yo ( or others…) what do you think about scale. things seem to be about the same scale. or varying the angles? like maybe a back view…only thing is tht is a boring view. I think I would blow up on a feature or area that i want to discuss, or you think not do that and leave it?

these questions are for if i decide to take it into my portfolio*.


  • My portfolio now ok…but always looking to make better

thank you for the help