Action Sports/ Outdoor Gear

Other than recommending checking malakye does anybody know of action sports/ outdoor gear design houses in the US, similar to sid factor seven, mage or rocketfish?


Sorry can’t help.

-But I checked out sid factor 7. Bice stuff!

There is a company in Salt lake City called Modaliti. They have a strong outdoor portfolio


Those Sid people wouldn’t want to actually seem like they have to WORK or anything. I like seeing photos of the staff sitting on curbs when I’m looking for a design firm. I like hiring designers that look like extras from MTVs Real World. Long Live the Designer Lifestyle and the Lifestyle Designer!

Work in the Action Sports and Outdoor markets for more than a season and you will understand why communicating the Lifestyle is so important in those industries and why innovating is so damn frustrating.

The products are visually driven, excessively hyped, inherently self centered and framed within selfish pursuits whose sole purpose is to enhance the lifestyle and experience of one person. That atitude not only permeates the products and brand but thru to the organiztion as well. Work hard, play harder; GO Big or Go Home… Which is why they often do really have board meetings at Trestles at 6AM or institute “The Five Foot rule” where if the surf is bigger than five feet you don’t have to come in til 11 AM.

Its all about “The Stoke” and no one will deny it. But in many ways the “Stoke” is a huge detriment to incoporating truly innovative ways of doing things and that makes it a very insulated and inbred industry. But at the same time no one pretends to be doing something more important nor feels the need to justify saving the world one design at a time.

Suprnaut wrote

“But in many ways the “Stoke” is a huge detriment to incoporating truly innovative ways of doing things and that makes it a very insulated and inbred industry.”

Agreed that you won’t see large scale world changing innovation within these industries, but these sports and activities are happening and evolving. For example snowboarding is one of the fastest growing sport markets internationally. If you look at the ergonomic solutions of the new toe strap for bindings and material innovation of the aluminum fly core that Burton has done it’s quite inspiring. Or to even look at the life saving opportunities of avalanche/ backcountry technologies. But I see what your saying about with the shape pushers of the world and how little it does for growth. I’ve been quite a pesimist about shoe design and form follows form paradigm, but recently saw the new Nike slider sandal that D2LO designed, and it completely revamped my perspective into innovation through details.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that the corporate gig for me right now designing medical and homecare is rewarding in the bigger picture sense, but is very taxing, stifling and I’m not ready to get jaded from all the acronyms and politics yet. Instead I hope to get involved in the world in which I thrive so that I can partake in the activities and surround my self with the type of people that I understand. Something soulfully rewarding.
Complacency? NO! Not yet getting bogged down with world issues while still young and having fun as a designer, YES!

Sorry for the rant

jib - you’re totally right about that - i found it a frustrating industry (ski and snow that is) loaded with enthusiasts starting companies and promising the world to their “bros”, but coming up short on the organizing and managing sides every year. Too often there is an abundance of creativity and ideas and a lack of distribution, management, and funding, so for a truly happy time as a designer you want to find a company that has a proven track record of balancing the two. Actually no, I take that back. You want to find a company that is better at the business side, and lacking in the design side, so you can knock their socks off and they will give you the world. At least a season pass.

Hell you should apply at Burton. Burlington’s not such a bad place, the hills are icy but it’s a nice town. Live the life, get paid shite but have a good time hopefully.

DEEZ. Why so judgemental of sidfactorseven? Looks like they have built up a good list of clients and enjoy what they do. Why do you find the Gen-x life style so theatening. Do you regret selling out to corporate life, and have to afirm your choice. You don’t know their balance sheet you are just projecting.