Action Sports Design

Any ID guys have experience/stories about working in the action sports industry/core sports? ie. snowboard, ski, motox, skate, surf, wake etc. and their opinion about working in the industry? (some Companies ie. burton, k2, quicksilver and so forth) Recently moved to Cali. to be part of the scene.

“recently moved to cali,…” Why would you do something like that?

just kidding. in all seriousness Its a real fun industry to work in and very hit or miss when it comes to “design”. When I use design in quotes like that I mean that the idea of design is relative to the company and what they produce, or more tto the point what products you will be producing as a designer.

for a pretty good overview of jobs check out :

I’ve done some action sports products, and think it’s a heck of a lot harder than designing things like electronics. The reason bieng that everything you do affects the technical aspect of the product. That bieng said, going to the trade shows like SIA and ASR are a blast!! Not to mention any research you must do which usually means you have to go snowboard or skate somewhere and get paid for it…If you are into the sports yourself, this can be a dream job.

My story…I fell into moto-x design a few years back, and the main element I took from those experiences is that it’s good to know the sport. I guess that goes hand in hand with all action sports, but really knowing the culture of that side of things is crucial. Me for instance knew nothing about mtx…at all. I knew Pastrana and thats it, so my passion and understanding wasn’t there like it was with the other designers. So know your industry as much as you can inside and out whichever that might be. Each is a close knit group, some cross over ie Fox, quik, volcom, but if you can get along with the scene, then you’re half way there, as personality and the whole “bro” status plays a big role.

Now this part is just my opinion…but that whole industry has changed quite a bit recently. It used to be each company had its own style/flair, but trends have infuenced the market like no other. If you look around from say, K2 to Burton to Volcom to Fox to Hyperlite…a theme trancendes them all, mostly pulled from fashion. The whole western/retro/offset print/browns vs brights, the industry basically wants to say to its buyers “this is the hottest thing out, I mean look around, this is whats cool, this is what will make you cool, cuz everyones doing it.” I guess what I’m saying is just start paying closer attention, cuz the industry moves together, so you gotta just catch that next wave, but don’t snake the vet’s because if you try something new and different, you’re bound to get run over.