Action figure design in the works

Hey everyone,

First time posting and wanted to get some feedback on some action figures I’m working on.


holy moly those are sweet. any chance of showing the 1st one front view?

That guy is one of my faves. I’ll be doing a front and side view of him soon. Hopefully by the end of the week.

Nice! Those are BEAUTIFUL drawings!

I am curious what medium you do these in. Sketchbook Pro maybe?

I’m totally going to steal your vignette technique…

Everything is on Sketchbook Pro. I hardly ever use paper and pencil these days.

Awesome drawings!! May i ask what kind of graphics tablet you use as i’m really considering getting on and this is the kind of drawings i love doing!!

Thanks. I use the larger model that Wacom makes. Sorry I can’t remember the model name but it’s the largest one they have. If you haven’t used them before they do take some getting use to but after you get the hang of it you’ll never want to use anything else again. Good luck!

diggin the last image. Reminds me of the a Protoss Zealot!

those might turn out to be awesome figures! i love the one on top. your style also reminds me of this comic artist called Scott McDaniel. he has this ability to endow a figure with motion and weight with very few lines! i also love the detail on all your artworks.

also , it’d be nice to see any other doodles or artworks you’ve made on this topic. the process must’ve been fun!

It was a blast. When I have a chance I’ll add some of the thumbnails I did.

Here is the final design. Tell me what you think both good and bad.


RHINOfinalFIANL.tif (615 KB)