Acrylic to glass adhesive?

I’m gonna need to glue some acrylic to glass, and was wondering if anyone out there has done this successfully, and what kind of adhesive was it? Big plus if it’s water-clear, and gap-filling. I’m thinking some kind of silicone might work, but am open to trying alternatives. Any ideas?

Try some locktight. I cant remember what code number it is, but there is one that dries clear without frosting your perspex.

Test a small area first sometimes if you put too much on it can leave marks.

yeh silicone should work but it wont act like a glue and provide strength i dont think

i was wondering a similar question like how do they get aluminium supports to stick to glass like the do for coffee tables and dining table tops - could be the same product for you to use

There are numerous Locktite UV curing adhesives that are waterclear, and also adhesives used for assembling optics and watches that may work.

What are you trying to do? Glue small pieces together (like optics), or make a structural piece (like an aquarium)?

Thanks for the tips. I’m putting together an appearance model, so I wouldn’t say it’s structural, but any kind of added strength would be nice. I wouldn’t want it falling apart during a presentation…oops. :cry: