Acrylic Lacelocks-- THE PROTOHYPE--

OK, fair enough. I don’t don’t think you’re the bad guy. Just clarifying some misconceptions, that’s all. I can take the heat, though, I’m in a love or hate business. I either make the sale or don’t. There’s no in between. But then again, that’s the reason I came to this forum in the first place. I wanted the CC, and I’m getting it from designers. What could be more helpful?? My reply might have come off defensive, but DP is my baby. Shoot me… :smiley:

You sure do love your cliches though. Kind of an oxymoron for a pioneer :wink:

It’s all in good fun. The thing I appreciate more than anything is you taking the time to give your input. It means more than you know…hate or no hate.

Take care :sunglasses:

Ha…I didn’t notice my paragraph full of cliches…that’s what happens when you pump CAD for 10 hours straight to hit a deadline…makes the brain squishy.

Good luck on this.

Ooph…Do you have a thread about what you’re working on? I browsed the site in your sig. Looks amazing.

Unfortunately, i can’t publish this one. I don’t know if I ever will be able to either. It is a device for the US Gov’t. James Bond stuff…kind of cool, but falls in the realm of “I’d have to shoot you” if I told you.

Nice, dude! My mom works for DoD. Good luck with the pro-ject.

Here is v1.0

Any updates on these?
Just curious.

They have been on sale for a few weeks and are doing really well. Very niche market but popular nonetheless. I’ve been asked to do lacelocks for stores and other shoe designers with their own phrases and monikers on them. You can see pics of them on some shoes if you go to my website.