acrylic casting: can seams be invisible?

I have a bottle design to make a model of. I have not cast acrylic before so don’t know much about it. My question is if I make the bottle as two halves and resin bond them together, or glue using another method, will the seams be relatively invisible? The design has an interior shape with an undercut so can’t be moulded as one piece. It is meant to simulate glass.
I am asking because I can still alter my design if I have to.

not being picky, just trying to understand your design intent.
if there is an internal undercut in the ‘actual’ design how do you propose they make it in real life? will it be blow molded cast etc?

You will be able to see the seam, if you glue it together.
If you can cast it as one piece you can always buff out the parting line.
perhaps you can do a type of ‘slipcast’ with a mold and pours the excess acrylic out, leaving the some sticking to the walls.

There will be a visible seam.

Have you thought about rotational molding? I would say that it is perfect for what you are doing. Your part would be completely seamless. You will just have to remove a little mold flash.

^^^ word.

  1. Cast the shape in plaster up to the bottles neck
  2. Pour the resin and swirl
  3. Break the mold

I’ve seen crystal clear sla’s. I’m pretty sure that’s the way to go.

I’ve used interpro in conn. I haven’t made clear parts but I have seen them there.