Acrobat PDF file sizes

Not sure if this is posted in the correct place, but when sending a PDF to an employer, how large is too large (file size) in general?

I’ve got one that is 33 Mb. A condensed one that is 6 Mb. The images within are 72 dpi (originally PS) documents.

In addition, some companies don’t want lo res copies of your work. 300 minimal. Makes sense but large file size.

Let me know.

Keep in mind that a lot of servers have a set limit of 2-5 Mb per email.

Try experimenting with how you are producing the PDFs. You should be able to play with the compression settings to keep the size down. Also, publishing a multi-page PDF from a multi-page document (word, illustrator, indesign, quark) will result in an exponentially smaller file size than if you piece together a bunch of single-page PDFs to create a multi-page document.

You shouldn’t be sending your entire portoflio to someone on the first go-round either, so you may need to trim out some work. That should help keep the file size down as well. The initial PDF should make them want to see more.

Just imagine… in 6 years you are a Sr. Desinger somewhere… and every day you get 4 unsolicited emails each with a 15mb attachment. Not fun.

Unless a potential employer has specifically requested a large portfolio you should never (ever) send anything more than 5mb - and in fact - I would say over 3 is even pushing it.

Sending screen resolution files (72dpi) is fine. Most early portfolio reviews are done “on screen”. -You can even say in your introduction that you have higher resolution files available.

As for content- No need to send more than 5 or 6 pages. You just want to give the employer a taste of your work and make them contact you.

Good luck.