Acquiring santoprene sheets

Hello all

I’m trying to get some sheets of santoprene to experiment for Project Modai. I’m looking at something around a 60-70A durometer, and something like .08 thickness… I’ve been looking online and all of the resellers’ websites look really sketchy and untrustworthy. Does anyone have experience with purchasing sheets of Santoprene?

I also noticed that most are just black… but I have seen samples in many different and bright colors (yellow, green, red…).

Any help would be REALLY appreciated!



The aforementioned sketchy sites:
Santoprene - 60A (the most legit) (doesn’t provide durometers)

A local injection molding shop can get samples. That’s who I call when I need a plastic sample.

McMaster has a silicone in red. If you check the other “rubbers”, you may find other colors.

Edit: It looks like silicone comes in an orange too. Santoprene is either white or black.

Edit again: In the “Rubber Sheets” section of McMaster, here is a list from the “Colors” section - Black | Gray | Blue | Clear | Green | Yellow | Orange | Red | Pink | Amber | Brown | Tan | Off-White | White | Translucent | Translucent White | Transparent