Acid etch process for acrylic

Hi Guys

Has anyone had any success with acid etching acrylic sheet? I want to achieve a frosted look on some thermoformed 2mm acrylic shapes in white. You can buy frosted acrylic sheet at any thickness above 3mm which doesn’t help me.

Currently I sandblast the shapes after thermoforming, but this is a very time consuming process. I was hoping a quick acid dip might give me a similar result?

Well I want to say sandblasting is the only option, But it is not. If you feel like living on the dangerous side. You’ll have to look for it but there is some stuff that is got etching glass at home, it is like spray paint, but acid (or something like that). This is the same stuff that is good for crap graffiti on glass. You see a lot of this type of graf in Paris, if you go to Paris. I’ve only seen it for sale in glass etching kits. You could also try meiotic acid but you can use that to etch stone (granite, polished concrete, marble), so that may just destroy what you are working one. If you do any of this it is at your own risk, wear all safety equipment.