Acetate box printing

Ok, I’m developing new packaging for 2009 and have decided in order to reduce cost, to reuse a component of my old packaging. This should save a lot of time and money since it’s one less thing to develop, I still have some inventory and my mfg. can produce it rapidly.

The item I’m reusing is just a simple white box. To change the look of my packaging however, I want to insert it into an acetate box with my logo and product info printed on the sides and back. The front portion will remain clear so the product can be viewed without opening the box.

Does anyone have experience with printing full graphics on acetate? I have attached a picture of a similar style box and just want to get an idea of cost etc. I already have a source for mfg. but as you know it Chinese New Year and nobody is working so I can’t get info from them right now.

I just went through a project with PVC boxes in China. Your cost depends on:

  • Size (sq in)
  • Number of colors printed (big determiner)
  • Pack-out (slip sheeting / bulk pack?)

Our boxes are slightly smaller than the one you’re holding and include a couple thermoformed plastic spacers inside. We printed 3 colors on each box. The whole mess costs around US$0.33 each.

Hope it helps…

Yep, that’s exactly what I wanted to hear. The box I will actually produce is smaller than the one pictured as well and has 3 colors. If it comes in at about the same price as yours, I’ll save myself about $0.10/box over last years design…hopefully more!