Accurate Logos?

How does everyone go about getting logos drawn accurately? I know usually has good vectors of logos, But that’s usually for the print logos. The company logos on shoe are usually a bit different than the print counterpart.

For renderings, are there any ways to precisely replicate logos like: the Puma stripe, Asiscs stripes, New Balance’s N. Or even other brands like Hummel, Pony, Joma, Umbro.

Is it just careful observation and drawing?
Having access to the company files, (when you work there).

Or are there easier ways to get the exact form on your renderings.

If nothing, even some useful little tidbits of info would be helpful.
Like the Nike Swoosh is level from the top of the swoosh to the back end.
I’m guessing Adidas and K Swiss are just stripes equal in size and equal in distance apart.

i think its pretty standard for rendering purposes to just snag an appropriate logo from the web and placing it where it needs to go. As far as sketching goes…i think its good to try and sketch the logos if you are working in a sketch. I think its good practice of observation and getting ur proportions right.

its a funny relationship really. If you see a sketch with a nicely hand drawn swoosh, its a good bet that the proportion on the shoe is looking right as well. It is totally about paying attention and practice

Most brands are very particular about their logo. While the Nike swoosh went through some variations, it became standardized in the late 90’s into the straight tailed version used today. Heritage product still uses the old swooshes of course. My advice would be to print out a shoe with a swoosh on it and use it as an underlay.

Adi is pretty sensitive about the 3 stripes. I’ve never worked there, but I believe each strip has to be the same with and the same width apart. I’m not sure if this is true, but someone told me it came from Dassler’s practice of putting 3 fingers on either side of shoes in the midfoot when he made them to see if the pattern was even.

Converse has several as well. The Chuck patch (only for chuck taylor product), the Star Circle, which is our modern corporate mark, and my favorite, the star chevron, which was our sport mark starting in the late 60’s. We are pretty particular about the star chevron width, star size and orientation.

I’m Richard could say if their was a best practice on the double chevron at Hummel