According to whom?

Somebody isn’t returning back to a thread so I’m hoping this new one gets this statement answered.

Posted: Tue Aug 24, 2004 6:56 pm Post subject: Re: bail out!

If it’s not worth the tuition, what are you doing there?
Some advise: Don’t throw dirt in the water you’ll be drinking.
FYI- the Design school is rated #3 among the best 10!

And then I wanted to know: According to whom? Princeton Review and Newsweek don’t rank schools ID programs so I really am dying to know where you got that from.

Pony-up with the facts big boy.

Get a life.

Actually, I rate ID schools. Here are the top 10.

1- ITTTech
2- Avala
3- west valley college (CA)
4- Bemidji State University
5- Towson University
6- Illinois Institute of Technology
7- Virginia Marti College of Fashion and Art
8- Art center college
9- Academy of Entertainment Technology
10 - SJSU

I think we would all agree.

LOL, never heard of half of those.

I like how you throw in ACCD with those “other” schools. haha

I go to Towson University currently. And I know this reply might be a bit late, but I highly do not believe that Towson is rated within the top 10 of design schools. If I had a choice I would be transferring, but I’m a senior with only one year left. Infact, I recieved a letter last week informing me that Towson (right north of Baltimore, MD) is dropping the ID program due to lack of fundings, facilities, and faculty. I will be one of the last to graduate in this program (Art Major with a Concentration in ID). I really would like to know what info you were including in that list of top 10.