access to core 77 discussion boards

Hey guys,

Not sure if I’m just speaking for myself here or if others are experiencing the same problem , but it appears that none of the machines in our company running windows 7 can gain access to the core discussion boards.

The few machines we have that are stil running XP have no problems, only machines with windows 7.

am I on my own with this problem ? . . it’s been like it for a couple of days now.

(EDIT) : I can access the boards fine with my home machine which is running windows7, so it’s not that. I guess it’s something on our office system. (Trend micro comes to mind as it does seem quite authoritarian)

I’m on Windows 7 at the moment, and have no problem accessing the boards. I’m guessing it’s a Firewall issue. Perhaps your network administrator has blocked all php based sites because they know they’re mostly forums to waste company time… (As I sit at work writing this reply)

Thanks for chipping in Nurb. Our IT adminstrator is trusted and says there shouldn’t be a problem , but I’m still none-the-wiser.
I’ll just have to relegate my core reading to home which as you hint, isn’t a bad thing as I often have a quick look at core after checking the morning emails.