I got into Cincinnati this morning…yes!
just thought i’d like to boast for a moment there…
but thanks for all the help posted here- wouldn’t have even known about cincinnati without it!
now to wait for CMU, RIT, Syracuse and VATech



Now comes the tough part, make it through school and make it a viable profession.

Good luck!

Good list of choices…

Go Hokies! :laughing:

Congrats! but I hope you choose to go to CMU if you get accepted. :wink:

star00girl noted tht she hopes you take CMU if you get in. I don’t know if I would agree.

A lot would depend on the cost of the school net of scholarships. UC tends to be a lot less expensive. If you factor this in with their paid coop program, you can save a bundle and get a LOT of real world experience.

In addition, don’t let anyone kid you: in the design field, Cincinnati is every bit as respected as CMU and possibly even more respected in some circles.

pending scholarships i actually really want to go to cmu- I have wanted to go there before i found out they had design (for engineering)…but yeah i am still stoked i got in somewhere already (actually i also was accepted to northeastern for engineering the after haha)…i just hate this waiting game lol

Don’t count on a lot of money from CMU. They aren’t know for giving out huge financial aid unless you are amazing and very, very needy. They don’t have the endowment for large awards and have a "stick up their butt"about being the great CMU.

I hope you go to cinci. (congrats)

I think there is something about Ohio that makes people (from Ohio) think that it is the shit. I live here, it’s just a flyover state, but with rivers for industrial waste… :neutral_face:

I’m sensing a little hatred towards CMU? :wink:

It is true that CMU doesn’t give out a lot of scholarship money for incoming students. This is due to the fact that the university has a limited endowment and many applicants seeking financial aid. However, I know of many students in the school of design that have received well-sized scholarships. Additionally, CMU is very good about giving money out to academic research if you ever plan on doing a research grant.

As for the “stick up their butt” attitude, I don’t think I’ve ever come across this during my time here. The one thing I really love about CMU is the fact its students are honest, smart, humble and truly passionate about what they do. The design school is such a wonderful close-knit community and I really cherish what I learn here. The outside university is also a great asset to get you connected and educated in fields outside of design. Either way, I’ve never experienced any general arrogant or pompous attitude here. If you want “stick up the butt”, try four years at a New England preparatory school, then we’ll talk.

Anyway Ineo, congrats again and good luck with the rest of your college process. Whichever college you end up choosing, I’m sure you’ll meet good people and get a great design education.

I have no ax to grind about CMU. I don’t think, however, the the tuition at CMU is worth tripple of what other schools charge. However, that is my opinion.

Got my acceptance to RIT today…pretty excited as I had to actually send them a portfolio (definitely not my strong point right now…)

My girlfriend is an RIT grad as are some of my co workers.

Great program, nice town with a lot of culture, but damn is it cold! :laughing:

Gotta rep my soon-to-be alma mater. The co-op program at UC really sets it apart. I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned during my real-world experiences, probably more than in school. Congrats on the acceptance. Hope to I’ll see you around next year.

hooray! I got into Virginia Tech today!
I know this might sound weird, but could anyone at any of these schools describe what a typical day is like? I will probably be visiting all the ones I get accepted to at spring break, but I’m really interested in knowing what a typical student does…
thanks for any advice/stories of experience (weirdly worded heh) you can give me!


I wouldn’t say theres necessarily any average days in college besides the ones where you’re in studio, then go out drinking. :wink:

In my opinion one trip to Blacksburg is enough to seal the deal - such a goregous place, at least when it’s not raining. Good food, great facilitys, great professors - and I think for what they may lack in co-op’s they’re starting to make up for with good internships.

If you have any VT specific questions feel free to drop me a line on PM or IM.

well I got into syracuse today, but for mechanical engineering…not ID…
oh well
and thanks for all the congratulations!

Ironically the exact same thing happened to me. After realizing that would make it at least 6 years of school @ $35k+ a year vs 4 years @ $20k, the decision became easier.

I saw your PM, I’ll shoot you a response in a bit.

This is awesome. Do you have a port. You seem to have quite some talents and I would love to see your work. Congrats!!! I wish you the best in were ever you choose to go.

here’s what I sent off to RIT and syracuse (except for the photos that say CMU design project and the train photos…also part of cmu)…I couldn’t find a few photos, so i’ll upload them later when I find them.

keep in mind I haven’t taken many art/drawing/design classes (I’m currently in drawing 1 at my school- the einstein was my first semester final project), so my portfolio isn’t too strong. I hope cmu (the last ID school i get to hear from) can see the passion in my essays :smiley: if not, I’m really psyched about everywhere Ive gotten in, so it won’t bother me too much

anyways here it is:


I do plan to take adv. id for high school students over the summer (at accd) to get better as its a super crazy ridiculous intense class, and the work that comes out of it from hs kids is better than a lot of the stuff i see on coroflot (well…some of it haha)