Accepted and looking for advice.

Hi everyone, I was recently accepted to Art Center and College for Creative studies. I have throroughly evaluated my choices, and I am asking your advice. Where should I go?

My age is 19 and I would be a transfer student.

I was awarded: $19,000 to go to Art Center
Total yearly cost: $70,000
(includes living
and supplies)
My parents will pay $13000.

estimated yearly loans: $35,000-$40000

I was awarded: $15,000 to go to CCS
Total yearly costs: $23,000

estimated yearly loans: $0


No loan for CCS or you don’t need one?

I suppose $15000 for CCS is one time scholarship.

Ok, what do you want to do? Product or Transportation?

Is money a big issue for you? Do you have any problem going to Art Center?

You can PM me, so I can give you some politically incorrect insights.

well…both schools are pretty damn good. depends on where you want to live, where you are coming from etc.

ACCD is so friggin expensive. If you can get away with NO loans…i say go for that option. As for living in california…well i would prefer that over detroit. ACCD also has phenomenal connections in the product,trans and entertainment industries. but really both schools are good.

where are you transferring from?

hi, I would be majoring in Product Design. I live in North Carolina right now and I’m attending NC State. California would be a nice place to live. My first choice is Art Center, but I have calculated that I will have to pay $35000 in loans each year.

My CCS $15k scholarship is yearly, so I can afford to pay without loans.

So, you are transferring…does that mean you’d attend Art Center for three more years?

If so, that would mean you’d have total accumulated loans of around $105,000-$120,000. Do you realize what the monthly payments would be on these loans? Do you want to carry them around for the rest of your life?


At least do one thing, so you can go into this clear-eyed: call Sallie Mae and ask them what the monthly payments would be on loans this size if they were consoldated over thirty years at the current interest rate.

Or: anyone else around here currently paying off a $105,000 loan? Care to share? How do you manage it?

Sorry, I need to continue my rant…

You are 19. You read these boards. Many posters are students - many are all revved up about going to the hottest schools, getting the hottest design jobs, excited about becoming professional designers - the world is new and wide open and they are rarin’ to go.

These things are important, yes. But at the end of the day, what is most important is your family, your quality of life and work, and making the world a better place for future generations.

It’s true you need to follow your heart and pursue your life’s work, but you also need flexibilty to do that, room to grow and change. My point is, these concerns (jobs, schools, being a hot designer) balance out over the years, especially if you’re in it for the long haul. Your choice of school is important, but it is definetly not the be all or end all of becoming a great designer, or even in getting a good job. The most important thing is loving what you do and being good at it. While taking on an emormous financial committment at young age may help you find out what that is, it might also really get in your way.

FYI I’m an enthusiastic professional designer, wouldn’t have it any other way.

'K, I’m done.

My 0.02- NC State is a good school. Unless you are going into Trans, I would think twice about what you get for your money from ACCD and Trans. most places hire on talent, and you can have ACCD and Georgia Tech students sitting side by side. Employers can count on consistency of quality from ACCD but even this depends on how badly the student wants to design.

ACCD has instructors who actually practise and head major design depts. NC state not so much. Perhaps you should think about getting a whole lot of quality internships under your belt. This would probably serve you in better stead than ACCD or CCS.

Like Guest stated student loans can really reduce your quality of life after graduation

wow, this is great advice. i will consider everyone’s input when I make my decision. I should definitely keep in mind the tremendous loans that would be a burden on me when I graduate. But it’s CALIFORNIA!! ahh…the younger side of me is saying go to art center. I think though I should listen to my smart side for this decision. thanks again,

any art center students here that could share input?

I don’t understand this figure. It seems beyond obscene.

Hi, i thought it sounded obscene as well. If you are there currently can you provide me with a closer figure?

My calculations:
about $25,000 for living expenses, Food, Supplies.
about $37,000-39,000 for tuition

this is around $62-65,000. I probably overestimated about 5,000 saying $70,000…but i Think better to overestimate…than underestimate.

can any art center students give me a closer figure?

thank you

art center’s website shows semester tuition at around 13000 okay even 14000 means one year’s tuition is 26 to 28 K

Where do you get 37K to 39K for tuition from ?

Art Center has 3 semesters, not the traditional 2. I got into ACCD and got a financial aid figure per year of 70K from them.

earth girl, could you mabe give me more info? I called the financial aid lady, but i Think i am more confused now than I was before I called. How much can I expect to pay for living expenses, food, supplies etc…


I am so @#$ing pissed with CCS now that I can’t even describe it. I can’t even remember when was the last time I am in such agony.

what happened?

Nevermind. I’m sure this happens in most schools, but just keep it in mind not to expect anything from your school, any school.

tell me what happened! lol

When a school charges so much for an education, ask them to demonstrate the Return on Investment for this amount - either through statistics of student salaries post graduation, placement program, also talk to their alumni about how they are managing.

That’s a very good point. I’m looking at applying to Art Center for grad and it’s looking like 14K X 3 X 2 = 84K that’s not including housing or supplies… How is that justified… Are all 100 grad students gauranteed awesome jobs… For crying out loud man, I should have become a doctor.