Acceptable errors

What is an acceptable margin of error for you and your company? And when is an imperfection acceptable?

For example with vulcanized shoes you often have visible glue along the edge of the foxing, which will usually just get shipped to stores. Other errors such as double stitched lines, slight smudges on the upper, glue residue etcetera.

For me/us, pretty much everything is unacceptable, haha.
But i think alot of times things like some visible cement on the edges of the outsole, especially if its against mesh, gets let go. But we have a QC team that is pretty critical of the quality of the things that leave the warehouse. Seems like our QC team in asia is a bit less critical. We definitely still have issues with things from time to time, but i think in general we dont let much go through if its not darn close to perfect.

i picked up a bunch of b-grade concord xi’s about 5-6 years ago at a nike outlet for about $70…so from a consumer standpoint, i happily welcome minor aesthetic errors that bring the price of shoes down =)

I think its a lot to do with what your paying the factory for the shoes and what was signed off on confirmation samples.
Often factories get blamed for “errors” that were also made on the cfm samples and are only noticed in production. I think the most important thing is to ask yourself whether the shoe will sell with the error or if it will seriously hurt your sales.