Please post any information that will help me make my choice between
Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA),
Rhode Island School of Design (RISD),
Art Center College of Design (ACCD)

Tuition is a problem for me and all of these schools are pretty pricey, so I wondering which one of these has the best part-time job/scholarship opportunities; and which of these has the highest employment rate for graduates. And I would also like to hear about your experiences if are currently attending any of them or have graduated from them?

I have spoken with several people who work in the art industry and none of them seem to really know much about mica? and people seem to say that ACCD isn’t as good as it used to be?

Thanks so much in advance~

Of those 3 schools, art center without a doubt- while I have heard good things about the others, art center is still probably the best school you can go for design. While it might be insanely ridiculously expensive (actually it is the same as RISD i dunno about MICA), you will definitely have great job offers awaiting graduation. I have heard many many stories of students offered jobs prior to graduation even.

the thing about art center (which i hear from teachers of classes I’ve taken there) is that they accept more under qualified students than they should, and then wait 2 years to have a portfolio review. This means that if you weren’t good enough to begin with and didn’t get good enough during your time there, you paid 2 years worth of tuition to either be kicked out or be forced to take a bunch of remedial classes. So if you go there be sure to work HARD (as if you weren’t gonna do that by just being there) and make sure that you think you are good enough going in- if not, i highly recommend either going to PCC or art center at night to get better before going.
Until recently, the old accd president was using that money to not only begin construction on some fancy frank gehry design library for students, but over pay himself and other administrators. However last year or the year before, that guy was fired and replaced by someone else- so I think all these issues should be resolved soon.

good luck with wherever you go!

Art Center is rated number one program in the country. And it is true that a lot of graduates get lucrative careers. The top students usually have a job set up before the even graduate, and in many cases companies will pay or re-imburse their entire tuitions to get them in. I wouldn’t say that as ineo suggest that Art Center takes un-qualified students, that’s more of an urban legend from students that didn’t make it all the way. It is true that you will have a review every year (not after 2 years), and that students that do not perform to the Art Center very high standard will not be allowed to go on, which leaves many unhappy and frustrated people.
Art Center has also produce an unreal number of world class designers, film directors, creative directors etc… Art Center degree is a bachelor of science versus a bachelor of Art for other schools.
RISD undergrad program is very good as well, and the first year is known to be the hardest academic year of any school in America ( And not just design schools). It does have a close relationship with Brown, and you can take as many class at Brow as you wish and it does projects with MiT as well.
I know less about MICA, but have only heard very good things about this school.

My home town’s in Baltimore so most of my friend graduated, works, or used to work in MICA. The city if a GREAT place for the local art scene, it’s booming. But they don’t have an ID program, that’s why I’m not going there. I think they just started an environmental design (not too sure what courses they offer for that program), their 2d design is good too. It’s also the 1st art institute in North America.

Apologies to the OP, but I didn’t feel like this warranted a brand new thread…
I’ve been accepted to ACCD as a freshman for their Industrial Design course, while Parsons has offered me entry to their Product design course as a Junior. Seeing how going to ACCD will cost twice as much as going to Parsons, which education will give me the best design education (read: job opportunities/industry recognition)?

This is what I wrote about Parsons in another thread.
Feel free to PM me with any questions.

well, I am a junior in the Parsons Product Dept.
The tuition alone is about 18,000 or something a semester. I guess you are also paying for the dorms.
In that case you have to of course factor in that you will be living in one of the most expensive areas in the world, lower Manhattan.

I guess, Cyberdemon is right. The quality of work coming out of Parsons is not great but I don’t think it’s the schools fault but the students.
If you have the drive, Parsons will give you everything you need to build a good portfolio and most importantly, make the connections.
But it won’t hold your hand. If your portfolio is mediocre, well… nobody will really stop you and say “hey, THAT is not industry standard.” You got to understand that yourself

I interviewed yesterday with a well respected and successful ID consultancy here in NYC yesterday and got a paid 4 month internship out of it.
So again, it’s not about the school but rather about you.

It’s true that if you want to do trans, Parsons is NOT the school for you. There is no program or classes at Parsons for that and no faculty that operates or is qualified in the field.
What you do have is an amazing ceramic shop, good wood and metal (ferrous and non-ferrous) shops, free 3D printing and laser cutting and of course the giant contact pool of new york city.