ACCD school year (summer vacation)/Missing a week of class?

Sorry to be a total noob about this, but I was wondering if ACCD has any summer vacation or the like. I was on the website but they didn’t have anything about an extended vacation period during the year.

EDIT: Im asking this because ill be starting my course at ACCD this Fall. However I have about 40 days of mandatory military service left to serve back home (Singapore). I was hoping to complete these 40 days during one of the vacation periods. However the longest academic break in the ACCD school year is about 35 days (after the Fall semester). So should I:

(a) Complete the 40 days during vacation and return to school a week late


(b) Try asking ACCD to postpone my entry from Fall '09 to Spring '10 and completing the 40 days before I start my course (bearing in mind my student visa has already been issued).

Would like to hear some opinions. Thanks.

I just checked the catalog and it says :
“Art Center offers three full terms each year: fall, spring and summer. Each term is 15 weeks long”

that makes 45 weeks in a year, so there are 7 weeks left. They give about 22 weeks vacation between each term.

Catalog says:

-Fall 2009 term: class begin september 5. Vacation December 13- January 15

-Spring term: class begin January 13. Vacation April 25- May 14

-Summer term: class begin May 15. Vacation August 22- September 10

you can take a term off whenever. a lot of people choose to remain during the summer and take a light term, but you can sitll have a summer break if you wish.

Most people take summer classes to catch up or get ahead, it’s not mandatory. And the summer courses in general don’t offer a full load as compared to the fall and spring semesters (limited select classes offered).

Where do you guys get your info??? If you don’t know, please don’t respond…

The whole philosophy of Art Center, and what makes the school so different from other schools is that their teaching philosophy reflect real life, meaning no vacations. The summer term isn’t a “light” load term, it is as hard, as full as any other terms ( each term are 15 weeks ). People that take a term off, take a term off to take on a full internship, not because the want to go on a vacation.

Also Art Center has very precise restriction on taking a term off, and unless it is taken off for research studies or an internship, taking a 3 month vacation isn’t usually well regarded by the school or your peers.

I meant light as in some people choose to take like… 3 instead of 5. I live with ACCD kids.