Academy of art

I’m thinking of transfering from miad to academy of art in San francisco, is this a good choice? I want to work somewhere on the west coast so is this a smart move?

I think it depends on what you are looking for the Academy of Art to help you do. Are you looking to make more connections in the industry? San Francisco is a great city for design in general, so in that case it might be worth it to transfer. I am a graduate ID student at AAU and love it here. I came here with the intent of getting into footwear design. It looks like you may be interested in footwear design as well. The Academy of Art does not have any courses in athletic footwear design, but I have had the freedom to do a couple projects involving footwear. I have not had the chance to post any work lately, but hopefully will be able to soon. Either way, good luck to you, and if you have any other questions just ask.

what about the trans department, do students who take those classes there get those kinds of jobs? Did you have good internships, and any footwear opportunities? Also what about the housing and social life?

A good amount of the trans students do seem to land internships and a few are usually hired by the major companies. The work they do is pretty amazing and the classes are very competitive from what I hear.

I am in my second year and I did have an internship with a housewares company over the past summer. Though it was something totally different from what I ultimately want to do it was definitely a great learning experience. The only thing about internships is that it is almost entirely up to you to pursue them. The school does post some on a job board and informs us about them through bulletin boards throughout the building. I am planning on applying to multiple footwear internship programs for this coming summer. Those positions, as you probably know, are VERY competitive. There are also a lot of firms in the areathat do footwear projects from time to time, so I would check those out too.

Housing is guaranteed, but very expensive. I live off campus, and I think the rent is a little more reasonable. Social life is always what you make of it. All the students are very friendly and willing to help. San Francisco as a city is very interesting…in a good way. There is always something to do.

Good luck stoneback! You might want to check out the other schools in the area also, just to see which might fit you the best. I believe AAU is the only one offering trans as a major though.


should I take trans classes and one or two product classes so I am not so restricted on what to do?

If your really looking at opportunities in Trans, I think you should look at Art Center or CCS in Detroit. These have consistently been the top 2 trans programs in the country.

If your open to product/ footwear Cali is a great place to do it, and The Academy is cheaper then Pasadena. Not to mention, you have skate/lifestyle footwear companies, and portland is just a short plane ride away.

I did some post grad study at the Academy, and will say it is a business. make sure you have a plan of where your going. This could save time and $

This is to ScriptD:

How many students are in your studio classes about?

I would say there are 10-15 students in each class. Sometimes there are up to 20 or so, but usually less.

what about resources such as the computers and software…any good…

There are 4 computer labs in the building, so you can pretty much find one whenever you need it. They all have the software taught at the school, Photoshop, Illustrator, Rhino, Alias, etc. I have been very happy with that part of the school.

how is the product design department compared to transportation in terms of employment after graduation?

How is the animation program at AAU? How is their placement rate?