academy of art university?


i’m looking into industrial design programs in california and am curious to know what people think of aau. the tuition is significantly lower than other schools i’ve looked at, yet their program still seems strong from their website. i like the fact that many of their professors are also working in the field, not just teaching. san francisco seems to have a lot to offer and i get the feeling it would be a great learning environment.

any feedback on the school or the area?

AAU has a bad reputation in the industry and by people who went there. Ask how many of their grads actually get jobs in their field of study. Look at their own website again, go to the "abuzz"section and notice that most of the comments are from GM…which has not come up with anything innovative in decades, stock is junk cus the cars dont sell.

Then there is a guy from Disney, who they quoted 3 times and recently opended the other loosing theme park in Calif called the Californa Adventure. Their biggest mistake. They probably just got him liquored up before the show.

If you read between the line of the other comments they say things like “I saw improvment” or “one or two” I might want to hire. That is in total contrast to what people say about students comming from better schools like RISD or Art Center where almost anyone gets a job out the door hands down.

Third and most importanly, they show almost no student ID work on their site which is what its all about. What good is saving a few bucks if you cant get the job you should be trained for when you graduate. Outside instrutors sound good, but if their not any good it really dose not help. That is what a lot of these trade type schools claim.

I am not trashing to be harsh, I am sure some really great people have come out of there but it seems like the exception to the rule, and who knows, they may have been even more spectacular had they gone to a better school.

San Francisco is a very nice city but very expensive to live in. $4000.00 a month for 2 bedroom shack is not unusual if you actually want to live in the city. Maybe only New York is more expensive to live in but not by much. But still a very nice place to visit.

Dont take my word for it, just do a search here and you will see similar comments.

Kjonyou, what school do you go to? Why/how do you claim to know these things about AAU?

AAU does have a solid ID program. It’s more skill based than many other schools but none the less strong. DON’T look at the website to find out how good any school is!!! Especially AAU, because the website does it no justice. I go to AAU, so I can say so.

I suggest visiting all the schools you are interested in, especially right before the end of semester - just don’t get trampled by any stressed out and sleepless ID students! By the way, AAU’s ID department is having an open house this Dec. 17 so you or anyone else who is interested might want to check it out for themselves.

SF is expensive, but it is a beautiful city with lots of ID recources. Rent starts at about $900 a month for a decent place.

MY MISTAKE! AAU’s open house is this Sat. Dec 10

You are a joke, you want more personal info on me but you only sign up here as GUEST? Did you get a job yet? Since you go there what is their placement percentage of grads in the field of study, most good schools will tell you, the shady ones will not.

$900 a month are you kidding? In the city without a 1 hour commute? Can you show us an example of what you call decent? Help this guy out if your lagit othwise I am thinking you probably work for the school.

At least I am willing to do that, you can start with this calculator that will show you an average rent by the city you live in to the city you move to.

So for example a $500 per month in HOUSTON,TX would be equal to $1598 per month in SAN FRANCISCO,CA

keep it clean, it’s good to disagree. There is no need to get insulting with it though, and it is counterproducgtive to your points.

I’ve heard that about 85% of the graduates of AAU get jobs in their field. I have had an internship but I’m still a junior. By the way, my studio with a huge balcony, view of the bay and golden gate bridge costs $1150 a month. I also looked at a livable studio 2 blocks from AAU for $850 a month.

My peace to you Kjonyou. Please don’t be so negative, life’s too short.

FuseProject has 3 recent grads from AAU.

Nike’s “kitchen” has a recent grad.

Bombardier has a recent grad.

I know this because I know these people.

I am in the AAU grad program with a pratt grad, a stanford grad, and lots of engineers and grads of foreign design schools. The student body is varied and interesting. there are more girls there this semster than ever before. still a low percentage, but it seems to be growing.

Its hard to quickly compare schools, you’ve got to consider what you want to get out of it.

AAU is mostly skills based, but the instructors are very pragmatic. You can’t bullshit your way through a project. Well, of course each instructor is different. Its true they are not teachers, they are professionals -sometimes that’s not so good, it depends.

Briefly I would say that AAU is more skills based than CCA, but good conceptual thinking is always rewarded. Yves Behar was just hired to run the design school at CCA. they should be doing some really cool stuff over there soon…

I think i am getting my money’s worth, but there are still problems.

If you have specific questions, I’ll try to answer them. you may even contact me off list if you like. just ask.

I live in the city and pay $650/month for my half of a rundown but nicely located apartment. Most people pay a little more, but most of my friends live alone or with a partner.

Good luck picking your school!

Wow, CAA looks good, look at thier student gallary. Thanks for that tip. I posted a link:

As for rents, the key word is “STUDIO” $850-$1150 would get you a 2 bedroom apartment with a veiw in most citys excpet New York. Anyone here care to post what they pay for a ONE BEDROOM in SF? Otherwise you are compairing apples to oranges.

CCA is a good school, but the tuition is the same as Art Center… Many of their grads seem to lack refined skills in areas like sketching. Now that Yves Beher is the director, things might be getting better for them.[/i]