academy of art university reviews

so ive been looking at this schools id program online because in my situation, i cant really move out of southern illinois. i have been pretty excited about it because i finally found out what i want to do with my life. i started reading reviews and hardly anyone had anything good to say. does this happen with every school or is aau really that bad? and also, the financial aid site said their graduation rate is only 33%. is it that hard or is that only due to their 100% acceptance rate.

ps i went to the university of illinois at chicago for a semester and had a terrible experience and i was in the mechanical engineering program. i am still an undergrad, but i got out of that school and now i want to do id. thanks for any info

Are you asking about their ONLINE program?

This is a section I wrote from another forum. I study on campus and it was a good experience. I got a good education that helped me go out and get the job I wanted in ID. For the online program I would honestly not waste your time. You will have more success on campus for ID. If you are going to spend money for an ID degree just find one that works for you as an on campus program.

I would also answer the graduation question by saying when I started in the ID program there were about 200 students. In my graduating class there was 25-30 students who graduated. That would be a far lower rate then 33%. The school is very hard especial the first 2 years you will need to be prepared for that. If you are open and willing to work hard you will do just fine and you will get out with a portfolio that will help you get a job.

thanks for the replies, but i think i have talked myself out of this school since i have read about 95% negativity about it. i am looking into saic