Academy of art, SCAD and colleges in the UK

I need to know which colleges are good for masters in interior design in the US. Is the interior architecture degree in the Academy of Art University at SF good? I havent herad a lot of good things about that school. Is it true that it isnt possible to transfer to another school from AAU? Is SCAD really not accredited by NASAD? I have been accepted by AAU but am waiting for a reply fron Pratt. but i need to make a desicion and fast. Please send in your opinions about these colleges… everything is welcomed… the good bad and the ugly.
WHat about Chelsea College of art and design at London? Comments anyone?
Are there any more colleges in the Uk i should be looking at?

When employers are asked what schools they hire from the most, UC’s interior design dept is consistantly rated #1 - however this is their undergrad program.
I cant imagine an Interior’s Masters being used for anything other than teaching, so I’d suggest RISD or any other big prestige-name/ Ivy league type school .

SCAD is not accredited by NASAD; SCAD is accredited by SACS (the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools).

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