Academy of Art Graduates or Current Students Perspective

Hi Guys,

I am applying to SJSU for Fall 2008, but also was looking into AAU as a possible choice. I want to stay in the Bay Area for sure, which is why I am left to these two choices for ID. I was wondering if AAU current students for ID or graduates can tell me a little more about how good/bad the program is? I am applying soon and would like to narrow it down between SJSU and AAU. I have seen both facilities and definitely like AAU’s, but want to know the potential of succeeding in AAU’s program as I know there is some debate on how the school runs like a business?

Either way, I will be a graduate of UC Irvine, with concentration on studio/digital art, and for sure want to attend one of these schools. I just want to ask around a bit more because AAU is significantly more expensive than SJSU.

Hope to hear answers soon. I know I posted a similar thread a while back but this is more addressed to people who have seen AAU’s students work first hand or who have been through the program just to give me some perspective. Thanks in advance!