++++++ Abstract PRATT vs. Realistic CCS ?? ++++++

I read the comment that says

Pratt does kind of abstract works and makes 3D things a lot.

In addition, Pratt does NOT do alias or rhino projects a lot.

If I like more realistic things and computer designing(alias or rhino), is it better to choose CCS?

I think CCS would be better for you if you want to learn more about alias or rhino.

I think you can go wherever you want and if you are more passionate about the 3D stuff then push yourself to focus on it.

One of the best Alias designers in our group is from Pratt, and they offer 2 classes of Alias and 2 courses for Solidworks/Pro E.


then, do CCS students usually do more alias or rhino projects?

Projects in college are never just “Alias” projects.

A project always starts off with a brief - how you fulfill those requirements is often times left up to you. Some students may deliver that as detailed photoshop/illustrator renderings, some may do it as Alias renderings, some may build a physical prototype and usually it’s a combination of all 3 depending on the length of the project.

I went to a school where the only 3D tool taught was “Cobalt” for 1 semester of a 4 year program (And if you haven’t heard of it thats because it’s used almost nowhere). In my 4 years I taught myself Cobalt, Maya, Rhino, Alias, and even a dab of Solidworks. There were no courses given, I just said “I’m going to use Maya on this project” and forced myself to learn it.

Both schools offer 4 courses worth of 3D modelling. I would expect that regardless of where you go, if you actively want to learn surfacing and modelling you will be able to do it to an extremely high degree at either school.

When I was at Pratt, SW was a Level 1 and 2, and there was Alias was Level 1 and 2. I did 2 semesters of Alias (1 Year), and one semester of SW. Worked out great. That’s the order I’d recommend. Surfacing then solid.