Absolutely Shameless Deez Appreciation Thread

cow, did you get AIM? I have some questions. I request answers to them.

deez ^

no, just PM me.

i thought, at first, you were an ass… BUT, the more i read your stuff on
the forum, i realized you just have lots to say… and some of them happen
to be even good !

thanks for the contribution.
and keep your somewhat bitter-twisted advices coming…they are more realistic —though hard to take at first— than sugar-coated encouragements.

And keep rocking those pink suits and silly glasses.

… but don’t people usually hurt the ones they love?

I think you have a lot more quotes to add from the PDF thread… :wink:

deez is a damn politician you suck

I wish I had the balls and tenacity to be a politician.

Lot of quote from that thread, but from one anonymous monkey. My record is still old school Tyson.

Deez is cooler then necroposting!!!

hey if you are who I think you are, I am going to sell that gas powered skateboard you asked me about in Champaign, il. If you want it I’ll cut you a deal.