ABS- Rapid Prototyping

I am looking for a company that can create a good quality ABS prototype of a working 3D model in Canada or US. I want to ship the product back here to Canada.

Any suggestions?

Cherri Yocum, Premier Design, 636-936-1288 they are part of a network of prototyping firms who work together to provide every resing, material, and process you could possibly need. She will be able to help you.

I have been working with Kevin Korenthal of Scicon for the past few months, they seem to be very reliable with state of the art eqipment.

Kevin D. Korenthal
National Sales Manager
Scicon Technologies Corp. - Valencia, CA
(661) 295-8630 ext. 280

I used Scicon, but it was out of CALI. first prototype was good, second was out of tolerance they fixed it but it cost me my deadline

Well so far Scocon have been on time and the prototypes have been good? Thanks for the heads up though!

Thanks for advice.
A big help.