Howdy all,

Just wondering, I have some parts of a project I’m working on and the original intention was to injection mould these parts from ABS. the parts are the out casings of something similar to a hard case backpack. Some people have questioned the material choice and asked why I haven’t used High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS). I don’t know a great deal about it, other then what you can read in a book or find online.

My question is what would be the advantage of using HIPS over ABS, what significant comparisons can be made.

ABS has a higher impact strength. HIPS is cheaper. HIPS pellets can be put directly into the screw, ABS needs to put through a dryer first otherwise you may get splaying (looks like a spiderweb on a flat surface).

You can a performance between HIPS and ABS by rubberizing the HIPS.

Thanks, that does help alot. at least now I know why people suggested it and why others said to stay with ABS.