About the Bombay Sapphire contest....

Does anybody know where it stands at this point? Supposedly the first ten finalists were selected on 2/10/04, which was several days ago, but there are no updates on their website.

I entered into the contest also. I would be surprised if they could have reviewed all the entries within two weeks, based on an average turnout of 2000 submitted designs…they would have to average reviewing 25 entries every hour for two weeks

…but to answer your question I have not heard any info regarding the status. More than likely they will publish the results after the debut in Milan.

Personally I’d like to know where the “1998 grads and later” rule came from.

I was actually working on an entry before I spotted that in the fine print… I find the whole thing very misleading. This is how they describe the competition:

On the splash page:
“Design a Glass: Calling all new and inspired US designers. This is your chance to participate in the 2004 Bombay Sapphire Design a Glass competition in Milan, Italy.”

On the home page:
“Are you an aspiring US designer? Think you are inspired enough to create the next great Bombay Sapphire martini glass? If so, you could win a trip to Milan – the design capital of the world – where your martini glass will compete to win…” blah blah blah

Would you read that and think “recent grads only?” I certainly didn’t! I guess I’m not considered an “aspiring designer” anymore…

I stand corrected, they can judge all those designs in two weeks…the finalists are posted

although some of the designs are questionable, but all-n-all they’re all martini glasses I’d buy.

has anyone been notified…that you’re top 10?

or a winner?

fine print says by today…

just…really really curious…

It’s weird…I was on their site two days ago and was able to view the ten finalist…but for the past two days the site won’t let me past the intro page, keeps on kicking me back.

Maybe they were testing the site…who knows.

this stuff is kinda normal though