About plastic its Past,present & Future

wat do u think abt the plastic’s past, present & future?..does any one know about sites that will help me to figure out abt plastic ages?..submit your own views…wat ever you think abt…it’ll help in my research plzzzzz…waiting for your replys :wink:

I have been teaching Plastics workshops and basically put this information together to guide me in a 2 day workshop. Day two you might ignore because it is more focused on draft in Alias - moldability using Pro/E - solidworks techniques for plastic part design. Day one is all about history, inventors, chemistry, polymers, dates etc. complete with photos and resources. Cool stuff.

I am in the process of adding more engineering stress and strain information as related to snap fit undercuts and thin wall design etc.

http://www.proetools.com/tutor/private/plastics/plastics01.html l:student p:de2006

let me know if this was helpful. You might even email other information you locate so to make this 2 day workshop more valuable.

Hi… thnx for the help but link is not working it’s giving error n asking for password dont know why…and i need one favour more that if u know abt medical furniture design history or any other link so plz tell me…Thnx:)

works for me. use login: student and password: de2006

works fine for me too

thanks for the link and producing this design-engine

Now its working and good info. thnx