hey guys …im kinda new to core77 …but ive been reading thru some of the msgs posted …i wanted to ask u guys about this college called LASALLE-SIA Collge of the Arts in Singapore …Does anybody knw abt it ???..a reliable frend suggested me to go for the product design programme at this place…Actually this course at this college is newly introduced … …anybody out there with any info relating to this college do post their replies …
cheers !!

I live in Singapore, and i know Lasalle-SIA to be a reputed college down here. But product design is new in Singapore. I think Lasalle introduced product design just a year ago. Every student who wants to get into design here, has Lasalle-SIA as their first option. So if you wanna make it, you gotta have a tough portfolio.
And if you’re an international student, you get a tution grant, wherein the government covers 75% of ur tution. but you gotta work in singapore for three years after you graduate.
About the college, i personally feel its the best here. The faculty, equipments, studios, and the environment is great. They also offer performing arts programs like dance, music, and drama.

First of all, I don’t think you will get a degree. I think they give out diplomas.

Secondly, I strongly discourage anyone to pursue an art/design education in Singapore. I think you are better off going to KL, Malaysia.

Lastly, National University of Singapore offers Product Design. I don’t know which is better or worse.

Temasek Poly and Nanyang U have also begun design programs I heard ?

I guess temasek poly dont take international students to its design programs. Moreover art schools in Singapore have just enough space to accomadate Singaporeans. I dont know about international students studying Design in Singapore.
The latest press release on Lasalle-SIA’s website says it plans to recruit 70% more international students next year when it moves to its city campus.
NAFA (Nanyang Academy of Fine arts) is not bad. But i dont know much about the schools programs.
If you’re thinkin Product or ID, i guess Singapore should be off your list.
Good luck anyways.

Lasalle-SIA is defintely a good chioce for all designs EXCEPT product which is very young and most of all they just got a new course director who is… well… i’d rather you go to nanyang or nafa which surprisingly got quite a good course structure… whereas for temasek… used to be the best but now… forget it as well…for NUS, getting better but no point applying… may worth consideration for a student’s exchange though…

hi there,

do stay away from SIngapore.
Its just too sterile for creativity.

Just a little trivial. It was the U.S VCs that injected seed funds into Creative Tech sound-card (SG one and only world brand) after the local bureacrats turned them down. Creative CEO Mr Sim is still highly regarded by the local cultural creatives.