About Istituto Europeo di Design (IED)

Anyone who ever study in IED, Italy???

Can sombody tell me something about this school?

I’d like to know is it a good or bad idea to study there.

Thanks in advance.

I am now studying ID eng in IED Milano, 1st year.
So far What i experience here, i think it’s good.
There are 15 students in my class. Most of them are active and the teachers are also great. Most of teachers are graduated from Domus, one from Politecho di Milano.In the past year, there might be some problems in listening because of their italian tone. But this year, i think it’s better. I don’t know but i think they might change someone. Actually, i’m not sure what u really want. So i can’t tell if this school is good to u or not. The only i can tell is the situation here.

good luck

Some years ago I had a teacher who took a masters degree in Bionics at Istituto Europeo di Design, at Milano. Do they still have it?

How long have you been studying in IED?

well, I’m already accepted by IED and supposed to study there next year.
I, however, am not so sure if it’s a good decision to attend this school.
Originally, I was happy and excited to go until I found some downside feedback from students of IED.
I feel uncertain and anxious about my future studying in IED.

Here are some comments I got:

So far, I found students complain that school is disorganized.
The school often changes the curriculum into some irrelative courses.
Some teachers are always late in class or even absent.
The school facilities are bad.
There are not enough classrooms.
The school is in shortage of equipment, such as pc, scanner, etc.
The students’ work are poor.
Morever, many students complain that they could not understand what teacher say because of their strong accent.

How do you feel about these opinions of IED?

I would like to hear more feedback from students of IED.

waiting for your reply.

ps. My school is in IED, Rome and the program is English too.
I don’t know if it’s worth my money to study there.

About the facilities, the classrooms, equipments…i think it all depends on you. Cuz’ the situation u describe might happen everywhere, even in the best school. So far, i think those are OK to me.About the techer’s accent, i’ve post in my previous post.

But as i said, it’s in Milano, not Rome.
So the best way is “go there and take a look”.