About Interior design school or architect schools

I am struggling with choosing schools and I don’t know which school is really good at interior design or architect. Can you give me some advice about this?

there are magazines that sell issues with rankings based on different criteria. US News seems to always pick by reputation, Design Intellegence does interviews with employers.
Start interviewing at schools, pick a wide variety of art vs uni, you’ll form your own opionions. Think about where you want to live when you get out of school too.

There are several schools that have always been ranked highly in Interior Design.

`1. University of Cincinnati has been ranked in the top 5 ( and almost always number 1) in the last 8 years. It also has a very strong coop program which give both great experience, an improved resume and payment for college,which lowers your cost. It is probably the best choice if you can get in. Also ,there is no portfolio required. It is the second hardest school to get admitted to on this list. They are very GPA oriented for admission as is Cornell,but they aren’t quite as hard to get admitted to as Cornell.

  1. Kansas State: Supposedly they have a great program and isn’t that hard to get into. In fact, it is probably the easiest school of the bunch to get admitted to.

  2. Cornell University also has high rankings and is the hardest of these schools to get into. Howver, it isn’t as highly ranked as either of the first two.It is also the most expensive of the lot. Normally ranked second or third in the country. A portfolio may be required but not sure.

  3. Pratt Institute: verty well known for Interior Design. Moderately difficult to get admitted to. It is a private school and, as such, can be expensive. However,they are known to give scholarships. Normally ranked second or third in the country. A portfolio is required.

  4. Arizona State University: Also highly ranked,but I don’t know much about them. I think a portfolio is required.

Virginia Tech was ranked #2 in architecture this past year and also has very highly ranked Interior and Industrial design programs. At state school pricing it’s a steal.


I went to UC-DAAP for architecture, and graduated last year. Overall, Taxguy1 is pretty accurate about the program and the admissions process. If you have the GPA and SAT score, its a cinch to get in. But, make sure that you do your homework and look at every aspect of an architecture or interior design program before you jump right in. Like no_spec said, Design Intelligence is a great resource, but its only based off of employer reviews… just take your time, go and visit different schools, weigh all your options and choose wisely. There are a ton of great architecture and interior design programs out there… and who knows, maybe UC will be right for you.

(If you have questions about UC’s arch/int design program, feel free to pm me.)